Friday, January 24, 2014

You've got real class!

There is the notion that politicians are supposed to be intelligent, polite and tolerant individuals that behave appropriately, at least while in public. This YouTube video shows socialist Tibor Szanyi in the Hungarian Parliament "flipping the bird" or giving the middle finger to a right-wing politician while parliament was in session. Tibor, you've got real class!

This highly publicized incident occurred back in the sping of 2013. It showed the Hungarian people what kind of individuals comprise the left-wing socialist party. Szanyi received the maximum punishment and was fined for his childish and immature response to a fellow member of parliament.

The Hungarian left-wing is very unpopular with the majority of Hungarian people today, and they know this. Once the political masters, the leftist parties are now the least popular according to recent polls conducted. This video highlights the fact that rather than engage in rational political behaviour, there are some on the Hungarian left that resort to this sort of crude behaviour. Fortunately for Hungarians, there are some political parties that have some standards and don't allow their representatives in act in such a manner.