Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Significant number


According to Canada's immigration minister, the number of Hungarians seeking asylum in Canada has dropped 97%. Chris Alexander said that the changes to Canada's immigration policies have helped to reduce the number of Hungarians who were seeking asylum in the country. The majority of asylum seekers from Hungary were from the Roma community (gypsies).

For over a decade, the Roma were trying to seek asylum in Canada. The majority of them claimed false discrimination and racism against them back in Hungary. The asylum seekers were unable to back their claims as many did not have police documents to prove that violence or racist actions had even taken place against them. This is what led Canadian authorities to reject their asylum applications.

The Roma asylum seekers had been attracted by Canada's "very generous" social benefit system.  Previously, asylum seekers were allowed to stay in Canada for years until their asylum cases were heard and decided upon. During this time, they received generous medical, dental and financial benefits. According to the press chief of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, Gabor Kaleta, a large number of the asylum seekers attempted to abuse the Canadian system. Hungarian authorities estimate that up to 10,000 Roma emigrated to Canada.

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