Monday, January 27, 2014

Quote of the Day

"Hungarians must decide whether they want a modern, European republic or the restoration of the Horthy era.”

A recent comment from Hungarian Socialist Party leader Attila Mesterhazy. He was elected prime minister-candidate of the opposition party alliance which has called itself "Unity". His comment came at a Socialist congress last weekend that only the left-wing Unity would be able to overthrow the conservative Orban government in the upcoming national election in April. According to the left-wing parties, the conservative Fidesz government should be ousted because its policies are damaging to Hungarian society and unacceptable in a democracy.

Editor's note: It should be noted that the right-wing Hungarian parties only seek to protect Hungary and her traditional conservative values. For most of her history, Hungary was a state/society with conservative values. Nearly fifty years of communism (far left-wing) destroyed traditional Hungary as we knew her. Mesterhazy's version of a "modern European Hungarian republic" is selling her out to foreign and global interests. He would rather see Hungary as an obedient servant of an external power/institution.