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Memorable posts of 2012 (Part 2)

Globalists Exposed

This is an excellent video on the globalist elites who are pulling the strings in the world. Daniel Estulin is a Russian expatriate who is an author and public speaker whose main interest is in the Bilderberg Group. He often gives seminars and talks on the group who he claims is behind the globalization of the world. He has published a book on the group called "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group".

He argues that the main objective of the globalists is to create world government ruled by an elite group of people. This small minority of people wants to reduce the population of the planet  in order to control and use the limited natural resources that we have left . This is a must watch video if you want to learn more about the globalists! Please share this video with your friends and family.
Here is Daniel Estulin's website, if you want to know more:


Hungary refuses to pay red star offender

The Hungarian government refuses to compensate a Hungarian man for a red star fine. Hungarian Justice Minister Tibor Navracsics declared that Hungary disagrees with a European court verdict that ruled that the Hungarian government must compensate János Fratanolo for his ordeal. The government of Hungary fined Fratanolo for wearing the red star in 2006. Fratanolo was the former president of the Hungarian Workers Party, which is a communist political party in Hungary.

He wore the red star in celebration of Hungary joining the European Union in 2006. The European Court of Justice in Strasbourg awarded Fratanolo compensation which caused controversy in Hungary. Navracsics refused to accept the European court's verdict. Both the Soviet red star and the Nazi swastika are symbols of tyranny in Hungary. They are prohibited from being used in public. There is a gross double standard, as the Nazi swastika is a banned symbol in many EU countries, but communist symbolism is tolerated and encouraged.



The Hungarian Parliament has passed a decree declaring that November 25 be a day dedicated to Hungarian political prisoners and forced labourers deported to the Soviet Union. The deportations started near the end of World War Two as Soviet Russian forces entered Hungary. From the autumn of 1944 to 1948, around 800,000 Hungarians were deported to the Soviet Union. Many of those deported were Hungarian soldiers, but a large number were also Hungarian civilians who were deemed as "political prisoners".

The deportees were all sent to work camps/gulags in the Soviet Union. Many of the prisoners died in transit on the trains that took them to the camps. Initially, the number of the prisoners was estimated at around 600,000. The most recent figure according to official sources is now 800,000! The decree was Fidesz-initiated and  the Hungarian Parliament adopted it with 330 votes in favour, nine against and one abstention.

Further information about the Hungarians deported to the Soviet Union can be found here:


Hungarian Lord of the Dance

Most people have heard of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance with the very talented Irish dancer Micheal Flatley. These shows were incredible successes worldwide in the last two decades. They brought traditional Irish folk dancing with a modern twist to the whole world. Like many European cultures, Hungarians also have beautiful folk dancing. These dancing traditions are still kept alive by various dance schools and groups that are in Hungary. The video above is from the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble. It features Galát Péter, who does a very nice solo dance.


Spreading more fear

Spreading fear through disinformation is an effective tactic the Hungarian left has used.

As mentioned previously on this blog, the Hungarian left-wing created a mass hysteria and fear that democracy was threatened and that authoritarianism was on the rise in Hungary. They used the mainstream media to spread this fear to the rest of the world. As a result, many in the world thought that what the media  was saying about Hungary was true. The Hungarian left did this because they didn't like the changes that the current conservative government did to the constitution and the judicial system.

Many of the changes made by the Fidesz government were conservative in nature and represented Hungary's traditional Christian values. Hungary has been a Christian country for over 1,000 years. This YouTube video shows a discussion on the issue of the rise of authoritarianism in Hungary. At least this political program invited a Hungarian government spokesman to defend the conservative government's actions. Many programs or reports in the mainstream media on the situation in Hungary are very one sided. They often don't show the whole story and leave viewers with a bad impression of Hungary's conservative government.

The current conservative Hungarian government won in a landslide in a historic election by winning nearly two-thirds of the vote. This shows that they clearly won the mandate and the backing of the Hungarian people. As the government spokesman in the video mentioned, the changes were necessary in order for Hungary to remove any remaining communist vestiges that remained. Hungary was also one of the last of the former communist countries in Central Europe to change their own "communist" constitution and judicial system. You'll notice that the majority of people who oppose the government's actions are those of the left-wing or globalist-friendly organizations such as human rights organizations. 

The opponents of the government use words such as authoritarian and dictatorship very loosely. Many of the members of the current conservative Fidesz government fought against the communist dictatorship in Hungary 20 years ago. The left-wing forgets that it is the Fidesz activists who fought for the right of people to demonstrate and protest in the streets. Had Fidesz never acted years ago, Hungary could very well be under the communist jackboot today.

The changes made by the conservative Fidesz government were totally necessary in order to reflect current democratic ideals. These changes also reflect Hungary's traditional values which are Christian values. These are the values that the Hungarian left-wing despise the most, this is why they were so opposed to the changes made by the conservative government. It is no surprise that the Hungarian left will continue to use the mainstream media to bash the policies of Hungary's government and to spread falsehoods about it.

The continued support of Hungary's government by the Hungarian people show that the government still has the support and backing of the people. The most recent reliable polls still show that the government still has a lead over the opposition parties.


Significant Christian Victory

Titusz Dugovics, a Hungarian soldier of Slav origin, leads the charge at the Siege of Nándorfehérvár.

Ever wonder why the church bells ring in Europe at noon? A majority of Europeans do not know why. The bells in Europe toll at noon because of the Hungarian (Christian) victory at the Siege of Nándorfehérvár in 1456. The city is now called Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It used to be a town in the old Kingdom of Hungary. Throughout the centuries since, Hungary lost control and ownership of the town. A majority of people in Europe also don't know that Hungary was the defender of Christian Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries.

To quote Pope John Paul II, "Hungary was also Christianity's bulwark against the invasion of the Tartars and Turks". Hungary was the only kingdom at the time that could organize significant resistance to the Ottoman Turks. The Turks made it their priority to crush Hungarian opposition and resistance. They were known to amass huge armies and marched all over the Balkans and Central Europe to attack their Christian enemies. They were quite a formidable foe as their troops were highly-trained. The Janissaries were the elite fighting soldiers of the Turkish Sultans and were highly effective in combat. They were drafted from the captured children of their foes as many of them were Christians (Slavs and Hungarians).

Turkish Sultan Mehmed II was the ruler of the Turkish forces that besieged Nándorfehérvár.

The Ottoman Turks invaded Europe in the 14th century in the attempts of conquering it and converting it to the Islamic faith. Many kingdoms fell to the advancing Turks but it was Hungary who was the only significant kingdom that stood in their way. The Byzantine Empire, Serbian and Bulgarian kingdoms all fell in defeat to the Turks. Christian Europe was beginning to fear this invasion. Various Popes over the centuries from the Catholic church had called for organized resistance in order to defend Christian Europe.

The fortress of Nándorfehérvár as it appeared during the siege in 1456.

The failures of the Crusades in the Holy Land led many European rulers to be very pessimistic about any more organized efforts against Islam. The Hungarians were pretty much on their own when it came to fighting the Turks as a result. The Kingdom of Hungary fought the Ottoman Turks for over two centuries mostly without any assistance. Many battles occurred as Hungary tried to maintain her independence and freedom. It was said centuries later that the Hungarians were the only foe the Turks truly respected.

John Hunyadi was Hungary's military leader who fought the Turks for two decades.

John Hunyadi (1407-1456), the Hungarian nobleman and military leader, fought many battles with the Turks for two decades before the siege. He was in charge of the Christian forces and prepared the defences of the Nándorfehérvár fortress before the Turks attacked. Hunyadi and the Christians, who consisted mostly of Hungarians and Serbians, were outnumbered by their enemy. It is estimated that the Turks had up to 100,000 men when they attacked.

The Christians could only muster about 4,000 well-armed and trained soldiers with about 60,000 peasants. In any case, Hunyadi managed to push the Turks back to their camp and defeated them outside the city walls. In the battle, the Turkish Sultan Mehmed II, was killed in combat with a Christian knight. The rest of the Turkish force fled with fear and never came back. Unfortunately for the Hungarians and Christians, John Hunyadi would die of a plague that broke out in their camp three weeks after the battle.

The siege turned into a battle outside the city walls as the Hungarians attacked the Turkish camp.

The Siege of Nándorfehérvár was significant because it was the first time that Christian Europeans stopped a large Turkish army and defeated them. The victory is very significant in Hungary today as it is celebrated every year. Since 2011, it has become an official holiday in Hungary. It does have great importance to the country and the Hungarian people. One can only imagine what would have happened if the Hungarians lost the siege.

If the Christians lost the siege, the Turks could have conquered Europe entirely or at a faster rate.  Though the victory at Nándorfehérvár didn't defeat the Turks entirely, it still gave European Christians time to re-organize and prepare for the next Turkish onslaught. The Turks would remain in Europe up until the 19th century. They were finally beat back and pushed out so that they never became a threat to Christian Europe ever again.

The 556th anniversary was celebrated in Budapest this past Sunday (July 22, 2012). There were thousands of people present at the celebration who remembered the Hungarian heroes at the siege. There was a flotilla of boats and small warships that commemorated the battle. It was a very colourful affair as many reenactors were also present in medieval armour and clothing.

Politicians and members of the Hungarian military were also present at the commemoration. They made speeches glorifying the great Hungarian victory against the Ottoman Turks. Unfortunately the Hungarian left-wing does not seem to celebrate this occasion as it is "politically incorrect" for them to do so. Nevertheless, many Hungarians see this victory with great pride as it was their forefathers that helped to stop one of Christian Europe's greatest threats.

The video on the commemoration is in Hungarian. It is over one hour, but worth a watch.

More on the Siege of Nándorfehérvár:



Editor's Note: The video shows the shocking brutality of the Budapest police in 2006.

This is the video that was recently released showing the brutality of the Budapest police on peaceful Hungarian demonstrators under the left-wing Gyurcsány regime. This occurred during the protests against the socialist government of Ferenc Gyurcsány back in 2006. Apparently, this video was secret until it was released recently. Only a few people knew that it had existed. Under order by the Gyurcsány government, this video was to remain secret and to be locked up in the state archives for 30 years. Some brave Hungarian soul leaked the video from the archives to show Hungary and the rest of the world the true face of the Gyurcsány government. 

In the video, you can see various Hungarian citizens many of them patriots, exercising their democratic right to protest peacefully. However, after a few minutes, you can see that the police brutally push back the protesters beating many to a pulp. The footage after the police move in and when they start beating people is shocking. The fact that the Gyurcsány government wanted to hide this video shows everyone their sinister intent and motives. Experts who reviewed the video footage say that the police had no right to beat the protesters and that they overstepped their boundaries.

I found the footage to be a little disturbing with the level of violence that was used by the police. The police definitely over reacted in this situation. It really looked like a scene from a third world country where the right to peacefully protest is non-existent. The interesting thing is that there have been recent protests by the Hungarian left against the conservative government of Viktor Orbán. The police never beat these protesters in such a manner or even prevented them from protesting like they did in 2006 under Gyurcsány's government.

This goes to show you that there is a big difference between the previous government and the current one. The previous government under Gyurcsány, wanted to silence all opposition and protest against him and his government. The actions of the Budapest police during the 2006 protests are proof of this. Many of the police officers that participated in the beating of protesters in 2006 have now identified and many have faced disciplinary action.


Tragedies treated equally


Editor's Note: Watch how the Hungarian Communist Party leader downplays the communist terror.

The great tragedies of the 20th century, the Holocaust and the Communist terror are now treated equally in Hungary. The conservative Hungarian government back in 2010, passed laws that equate communist crimes with those of the holocaust. A person can get three years in jail for denying or casting doubt over the repressions of the Hungarian communist regime. It generated a lot of controversy a couple of years ago but it was a long time coming.
It is a fact that Hungarian citizens (Jews and Christians) suffered greatly under both of these terrors and tragedies. Human suffering and tragedy is the same for all, regardless of their ethnicity or religion. For decades after World War Two, there was no acknowledgement in the world for the crimes of communism. Often fascism usually took the bad rap for starting the Second World War and the results that it had inflicted upon different nations and peoples. This is because the Soviet Union was one of the victors and did not want the world to know what they had done for decades since the end of the First World War when they came to power.

A majority of people in the western world didn't even know that the communists and Soviets inflicted some of the worst crimes in human history. Due to recent data being release in the last 20 years since the fall of communism, it is a well-known fact that around 100 million people world-wide if not more perished due to communism. The international left often downplays this figure or even denies it. They often say that the communism that occurred during the 20th century in many countries was not "true" communism. To them, "true" communism was supposed to be different and not how it killed millions across the world.

The interesting thing is that the Russian Soviets were committing horrible crimes well before Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in the 1930s. The Soviet police called the NKVD, committed numerous crimes that were backed and ordered by Stalin and the communist authorities. The Holodomor in the Ukraine was a systematic and planned starving of the Ukrainian people during the early 1930s. It is estimated that seven to ten million Ukrainians were starved to death by the Russian communist authorities.

Hungary, like many other Central European countries, suffered greatly under communism in the 20th century. It is estimated that 600,000 to 800,000 Hungarians were deported to Soviet gulags from 1945 to 1952 as work labour. Many more were executed, tortured and imprisoned by the communists throughout the decades since 1919, when the they first came to power in Hungary. 

To say that the communist terror in Hungary never occurred or to cast doubt on it is pure ignorance. The Hungarian left-wing try to downplay the communist terror, little do they know what impacts it had left on many Hungarians. The minimizing of the communist terror is done for political reasons as many current Hungarian left-wingers were former card carrying communist party members or have relatives who were. This law was definitely needed in order to prevent those who would deny the terror for political or personal reasons. It shows Hungarians that they no longer have to suffer in silence and that what was inflicted on them by the communist regime is now internationally known and acknowledged.

As human beings, tragedies often have profound effects on us all. Both the fascist and communist terrors were huge in magnitude in Hungary and effected many greatly. Both ideologies shared similar traits and characteristics that were undemocratic in nature. The terrors both ideologies inflicted were brutal against human beings and their dignity. Because of this, the tragedies they inflicted on the Hungarian people should be treated equally.


Hysterical nonsense

YouTube is just full of videos that are spreading hysterical nonsense that Hungary is on the way to authoritarianism and that democracy is on the decline. This is just one example of these kinds of videos. I wanted to give an illustration to our readers about what kind of nonsense is being said by the mainstream media and the far left about the intentions of the current conservative government. Many of these videos are made up by left-wing minded individuals who seek to destabilize a democratically elected government in Hungary. 

The current conservative government was elected with a historic majority. Hungarian voters rejected the socialists after they did literally nothing for their two terms in power. Eight years of incompetent socialist rule in Hungary caused a lot of damage to the country. There was a lot of corruption and many scandals during their tenure. As I mentioned in a previous post, democracy is alive and well and functioning properly. This is contrary to what the Hungarian left and their friends in the mainstream media say. The current conservative government is repairing decades of damage done by the old communist regime in Hungary. Some of the vestiges of the old system have remained even to this very day. A new constitution was enacted recently, which cause a lot of controversy and discontent amongst the Hungarian left. This needed to be done as Hungary was the last of the former Eastern Bloc countries to change their constitution.

Even though the old communist constitution of 1949 was amended in 1989 with the regime change, a new constitution was needed in order to reflect current democratic values. The current government decided to make the new constitution reflecting the traditional values of Hungary, conservative values that existed in Hungarian for over 1,000 years. The new constitution clearly states that the unborn fetus has rights and that marriage is between a man and a woman, notions which the Hungarian left despise and reject. The Hungarian left and its mainstream media allies continue to spread falsehoods about the current government and the people of Hungary. 

It is ironic that the Hungarian left is claiming that the Hungarian right is authoritarian when it is they who are the successors and inheritors of the former communist party in Hungary. Many Hungarian left-wingers were card carrying members of the communist party and represented their party in the Hungarian Parliament during the Cold War. The current aim of the Hungarian left is to sell Hungary and its citizens to the globalists. By doing this, they want to make Hungary the political and economic slaves of the European Union. As free citizens, we must resist the hysteria created by the Hungarian left. It is up to us to see through these lies and deceits to know that Hungary is democratic and not in danger of slipping back to authoritarian rule.


The left-wing hysteria

The Hungarian left-wing started a mass hysteria that democracy was under attack in Hungary

Democracy is alive and well in Hungary, repeat, democracy is alive and well in Hungary. Yes, you heard that right! This is contrary to what the Hungarian left-wing and the mainstream media want you to think. As you all know by now, Hungary and its conservative government have come under considerable attack and pressure lately. This is in response to the actions of the conservative government of Orbán Viktor. Much of this pressure has been in the form of attacks on the Hungarian government. There has been a lot of political pressure on Hungary, especially from the European Union and the United States (Hillary Clinton).

Other organizations such as Amnesty International and Freedom House have also joined the chorus of discontent against Hungary and her government. The majority of criticism though has come from the globalist-friendly mainstream media, who continue to this very day to print, publish or broadcast gross exaggerations and falsehoods about the Hungarian government. All the attacks, criticisms and allegations by the mainstream media against Hungary are unjust and unwarranted.  They have been misinforming people around the world about the actions and motives of Hungary's conservative government.

The Hungarian government made it their mission to reform Hungarian society, as their are many vestiges and remnants of the old communist regime still existing in Hungary to this very day. The conservative government made various political, economic and social changes in the last two years in power to finally remove the reminders of the old system. This upset the Hungarian left-wing, who still wanted elements of the old system to remain. Many of them still yearn for the "good old days" of the old regime to return and fondly remember their decades in power.  The attacks by the mainstream media on the Hungarian government recently, have been vicious and relentless. Almost in unison, as if they were orchestrated, the mainstream media have constantly claimed that Hungary's conservative government is undemocratic and even tyrannical. Article after article and editorial after editorial, continue to claim that democracy is slipping in Hungary due to the policies and actions of her conservative government.

Almost every day, you can find that some mainstream media source or outlet is publishing or broadcasting something negative against the current Hungarian government. The New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, BBC, Economist etc., are some of the larger mainstream media outlets that continue to attack the government in Hungary. These media outlets all have large readership bases, so you can see what influence they have internationally. Their articles and stories about the Hungarian government are often one-sided and filled with half-truths. This is no surprise as the mainstream media is very left-wing and globalist-friendly in nature. The editors and writers that work in the mainstream media are often controlled and do not have absolute freedom of expression when it comes to what they write or produce. They are told by their bosses what to write and what is acceptable by their media source. This shows that the mainstream media is not truly balanced.

The mainstream media own and control; newspapers, magazines, websites and 24-hour television news channels They can get their message across to the majority of any western population in the world in no time. The mainstream media has definitely made it their mission to destroy the credibility of the conservative government of Hungary. This also hurts the country and the people living in it. Since the conservative government came to power in Hungary, we have not seen one positive piece about them from the mainstream media, this is how we know they have an agenda. This also lets us know that the media is very one-sided and has a monopoly on opinion.

How and why did the mainstream media attacks begin against Hungary? Very simple actually, the Hungarian left-wing instigated it. They used their contacts and sympathizers in the mainstream media to create a frenzy or hysteria that democracy was slipping and threatened in Hungary. They also claimed that the Hungarian prime minister was undemocratic and a tyrant. The left-wing mainstream media began to publish such stories starting the current hysteria against the Hungarian government today.

This hysteria led many around the world to believe that Hungarians were now living under a right-wing jack boot. This is nonsense as the total opposite is true in Hungary today. The Hungarian people are free and live in a democratic system. They do not live in a dictatorship and are free to elect who they think is best to lead the country. The conservative government of Hungary actually got a historic majority in the recent election, giving them a clear mandate by the Hungarian people to govern the country.

This whole episode of the left-wing hysteria has shown the Hungarian people the influence the left has with the mainstream media. They have a very close relationship as the left can easily mobilize the media against anyone in short notice. There are very few conservative media sources in the west today, that is why you don't hear anything positive about Hungary nowadays. The majority of the mainstream media is anti-conservative and very anti-Christian in nature. They have definitely put the Hungarian government in their crosshairs by targeting them. The Hungarian people now know the true nature and intent of the mainstream media.

The majority of Hungarians know that democracy is alive and well in their country today. Most of the left-wing hysteria targeted people outside of Hungary. The Hungarian left wanted to move international opinion against the conservative government in Hungary, possibly toppling them from power with external help. They wanted to misinform people all around the world and they did a pretty good job with the help of the media. The recent hysteria against Hungary has shown the Hungarian people that the mainstream media is working against them and their democratically elected government. The media is a very powerful tool and anyone that can influence or manipulate it for undemocratic reasons can be very dangerous.


Undermining advocate 

Meet the man who wants to destroy your cultures and countries. Yes, this is Peter Sutherland, the man who wants to undermine your national homogeneity and sovereignty. I wrote about him in my previous post, so you'll remember who he is. In this interview, you get a good idea of what he wants to do to the cultures and countries of Europe. His idea of migration is a very extremist idea that anyone in the world can go anywhere.

You'll notice that he uses a lot of globalist (internationalist) terms during this interview. The EU and UN is just full of these types of individuals, who support globalism fully. These people are the enemies of the nation state and of unique cultures as they seek to cause a fundamental social change on them. Every culture/ethnicity in the world has the right to self-determination, the right to their own borders and nation and the right of their peoples to thrive without interference. Everyone must know who Mr. Sutherland is and what he wants to do to your culture and country. Please watch the video.


"Undermine national homogeneity"

UN migration chief Peter Sutherland said that the EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states. He also added that the prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

If you haven't guessed it already, Globalism is the new left-wing movement in the world. Many left-wing parties in the world support the globalist movement. These left-wing parties include communists and socialists in many different countries. Globalism is an international movement that wants to unite the world as one entity in order to control it politically and economically. Communism in the 20th century was also an international movement that sought to unite the working class against the capitalists. It failed miserably in just about every country that it was experimented in and lead to the deaths of at least 100 million people worldwide. 

Globalism seems to be less harsh than communism was, but the fundamental principles and goals of the two are almost identical. Both oppose nationalism, independent nation states and cultural homogeneity, which is the quality or state of being homogeneous (of the same or similar nature). Communists were definitely anti-nationalistic and wanted to mix up various ethnic and cultural groups, much like multiculturalism does today. The United Nations like the European Union, is a pro-globalist institution that seeks to promote globalization by undermining national sovereignty.

UN migration chief Peter Sutherland said at a recent migration forum, that the EU should do its best to undermine the homogeneity of it member states. What he basically means is that he wants the EU to flood the member states with migrants from other parts of the world. In essence, this will cause the host nation to lose their cultural/ethnic homogeneity, as the host cultures will become minorities in their own countries. He also adds that the future prosperity of the EU states depends on them becoming multicultural. He wants Europe to become like North America and Australia where multiculturalism already exists and is thriving. He argues that the populations of Europe are ageing and must be replaced. 

Mr. Sutherland told the EU that member states should stop targeting "highly skilled" migrants, he stressed that "at the most basic level individuals should have a freedom of choice" about whether to come and study or work in another country. What Mr. Sutherland basically wants the EU to do is to support uncontrolled immigration and allow any migrants into EU member states. Has Mr. Sutherland asked the peoples of Europe whether this is want they really want? Why not work on increasing the natural and existing populations in Europe if population growth is low? Do European countries not have the right to their own unique and distinct cultures as many other countries in the world do? These are definitely some of the questions that I would like to ask Mr. Sutherland if I had the chance.

It should be known that Mr. Sutherland is a globalist agent as he has attended Bilderberg Group annual meetings in the past. He is the non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP. He runs the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas. It is no surprise that this man is apart of Goldman Sachs International and the Bilderberg Group. As I mentioned in previous posts, these people are behind globalization. Pushing multiculturalism is a part of the globalist agenda as they seek to undermine the sovereignty and homogeneity of independent nations of the world. These nations and the free peoples of the world have a lot to fear from the globalists as they seek to wipe out all traces of their nations and cultures.

For Hungary, this could have disastrous social and cultural consequences. Hungary has had a long history of foreign powers and invaders dictate to her while under occupation or rule. The UN is the last organization that I thought would dictate or undermine Hungarian sovereignty. It seems that the UN also has significant globalists in key positions such as Mr. Sutherland who would want to destroy the social fabric of Hungary and other European countries. The democratic and free countries of Europe need no social interference or social engineering. It is up to the countries within the EU to determine how their societies are made up. 

The UN and EU should have no right to undermine the distinct cultures of European nations and should stick their noses out of it. Mr. Sutherland's recommendation should be a highly disturbing notion to any free and democratic country. Every country in the world is entitled to its own nation and borders in which its unique cultural can prosper and thrive in peace, Mr. Sutherland should take note of this basic and universal fact. When a nation can't even make up its own policy or determine its own future, it has truly lost its sovereignty and freedom.


Remember the victims

Please light a candle and remember the European victims of communism 

Memorial Day

August the 23rd is the European Memorial Day of the Victims of Totalitarian Regimes
(Also known as International Black Ribbon Day)

Today we pause to remember the victims of totalitarian regimes in Europe during the 20th century

This day is also significant because it acknowledges the crimes committed by communists against Europeans

There were no previous days of remembrance for the victims of communism in Europe

"The nation of the Hungarians loved and admired Budapest, which became its polluter in the last years. Here, on the banks of the Danube, I arraign her. This city has disowned her thousand years of tradition, she has dragged the Holy Crown and the national colours in the dust, she has clothed herself in red rags. The finest of the nation she threw into dungeons or drove into exile. She laid in ruin our property and wasted our wealth. Yet the nearer we approached to this city, the more rapidly did the ice in our hearts melt. We are now ready to forgive her."

Admiral Miklós Horthy 1919, upon liberating Budapest from communists.


Remembering Stalin's purges


When Stalin came to power, he eliminated all political opposition to him. Many of those eliminated were Communist Party officials and members that he thought could be a threat to him. Apparently, within the communist camp, there were many interpretations of communism. Stalin believed that there should only be one communist superstate such as the Soviet Union. Others that disagreed with Stalin believed that communism should be spread to the whole world (worldwide).

The people who believed in international communism were branded as "enemies of the people" and put on show trials. They were all made to "confess" for their crimes. They were all executed so that Stalin's view on communism would be the official view. A large number of the "old guard" were executed by Stalin. These were the original Bolsheviks that took part in the 1917 Russian Revolution. This shows that Stalin's purges took place both outside and inside his Communist Party. 

Stalin would also go on to purge the military as well. Tens of thousands of Soviet generals and officers were executed under Stalin's orders. This would have profound effects on the Soviet military when the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in World War Two. Because of the purges, the Soviets would lack competent and experienced military leadership. Stalin's madness knew no bounds as almost every part of Soviet society was purged. In any case, Stalin was the worst mass murderer in human history as he would literally wipe out his own people and party members in order to maintain his hold on power.


"Defend, my friends, Christendom and Hungary from all enemies... Do not quarrel among yourselves. If you should waste your energies in altercations, you will seal your own fate as well as dig the grave of our country.." 

The last words of Hunyadi János on his death bed (August 11, 1456).

Hunyadi János was a military general and a Hungarian national hero.



The double standard

Bad, Bad symbol (EU says)
EU approved!

Both fascism and communism killed millions of people during the 20th century. The European Union had tried to ban the swastika a few years ago by an initiative by Germany due to the rise of right-wing extremists and neo-nazis in Germany and in Europe. However, when it comes to communist symbolism such as the red star and the hammer and sickle, the EU openly supports those who wear such symbols by defending them saying that it is their freedom of expression to do so. This in spite of the fact that many EU member states such as Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Lithuania have actually banned the use of such extremist symbols.These countries all suffered under the communist jackboot.

It is a well-known fact that fascism killed millions of people during the Second World War. It is another well-known fact that communism killed up to 100 million people if not more during the 20th century. Many Central and Eastern European countries suffered greatly under communism and their memories of the experiences with the hideous ideology are still quite painful to many. Europeans effected by communism have still never forgotten nor forgiven, Hungarians included.

The speaker of the Hungarian parliament, László Kövér, attended the Parliament Presidents Conference in Strasbourg last week. In his speech at the conference, he said that it was unacceptable that the European Court of Human Rights ruled against Hungary in a recent case. Hungary wanted to fine a few Hungarian citizens for openly displaying totalitarian symbols (communist red stars) by wearing them in public. The European court also ordered the Hungarian government to pay the red star wearing offenders damages.  The decision by the court has now basically legalized the use of communist symbols in Hungary.

Kövér also argued that the European Court of Human Rights used double standards when it overruled the Hungarian criminal code which bans the use of totalitarian symbols. He also added that the court ruled in favour of the individuals who violated the criminal code by displaying communist symbols on their clothes. Kövér quoted the politician Václav Havel who said there is no difference between the swastika and the hammer and the sickle.

The decision by the European Court a few months ago angered many Hungarians and the Hungarian government. The decision by the court shows that there is a double standard when it comes to the use of totalitarian symbols as it appears that the EU supports communist symbolism.

More on the story: click here 


Nigel Farage destroys Barroso


Our favourite libertarian Nigel Farage destroys the globalist Barroso's speech on the proposition of a new "federation of nation states" in the European Union. In his speech, Barroso proposed that the EU member states give up more economic and political sovereignty in order to solve the problems in the EU. Nigel Farage has been warning Europeans for a decade about the dangers of the EU.

It seems that ten years later, he is entirely correct about the warnings he gave years earlier. In his speech, Farage points to the fact that the EU is an undemocratic political entity that does not listen to the people of Europe. He also believes that the problems of the European Union will continue despite what the EU leadership does. Please watch the YouTube video.


EU shows true face!


It has been just discovered that the European Union in a promotional poster for their "Europe4all" theme, used the communist hammer and sickle at least 5 times! The poster features a large yellow EU star that is actually a collage of different religious symbols that is supposed to emphasize the "diversity" of the EU. Somehow the artist or creator of the poster sneaked in at least 5 hammer and sickle symbols.

The hammer and sickle is a symbol of tyranny and despotism around the world and especially in Central and Eastern Europe where tens of millions died under this horrendous political ideology. This symbol is actually banned in Hungary, Moldova and Lithuania as these countries suffered greatly under communism. The EU is now openly flaunting their true character and purpose and are no longer afraid to hide or conceal it as they did in the past. To see the poster, click here.


Globalist elite fear awakening


Zbigniew Brzezinski is letting everyone know that the globalist masters are in fear of a global awakening of the people of the world. He is a Polish American political scientist and geostrategist. He served as National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981. For many decades, the people of the world were unaware of the establishment of the new world order. The internet and word of mouth is spreading the global awakening that we are now seeing. The new world order is taking control of the earth's political systems and economic resources.

The NWO and its globalist sympathizers want to destroy the national identity and sovereignty of independent nation states of the world. The free peoples of the world are waking up to the fact their governments are corrupt and power hungry. Their governments are not serving the interests of their citizens, but that of the billion dollar corporations and the global elite.

The European Union is a political organization that is being used by the globalist elite to control the nation states of Europe. The recent actions of the EU show that they are removing the political and economic sovereignty their member states. The member states will then become powerless and subject to the globalist will of the EU.

Hungary is one country that is standing up to the globalist elite. The conservative government of Hungary is promoting its traditional Christian heritage and is coming under fire for that very reason. The current government wants to maintain its political and economic sovereignty and does not want to be a colony of the globalist masters. The power and influence of the globalists is very strong as they have many sympathizers in political seats of influence. The mainstream media is also globalist-friendly and for that very reason can influence public opinion around the globe.


Significant historical fact


Often unreported, the victims of communism endured concentration camps.

Between 1949 and 1952, the Rákosi regime practiced political cleansing by deporting Hungarian families to concentration camps. These camps were thirteen forced labour camps located throughout Hungary. Men, women, children and the elderly were sent to these camps. The deportations were decided by local communist authorities and by the political police. The decisions were not made by any court of law and the people sent to the camp didn't receive any due process of law.

The action taken by the Rákosi regime to deport citizens to the camps is a crime and stands against human decency. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights restricts the use of internment. Article 9 of the declaration states that "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile." 

Mátyás Rákosi, a life-long communist, obtained political power in 1949. He imposed totalitarian communism and Stalinist-style authoritarian rule on the people of Hungary. Essentially, he was the "little Stalin" of Eastern Europe. He often described himself as "Stalin's best Hungarian disciple" and "Stalin's best pupil". The Rákosi regime was one of the worst communist regimes set up right after the Second World War. It is estimated that 2,000 people were executed by the regime and 100,000 were imprisoned in the labour camps.

Rákosi is one of the most hated figures in Hungarian history and his political legacy lives in infamy. We must make sure that the communist terror never returns to Hungary again. Unfortunately, there are some on the Hungarian left who still who look fondly upon the old communist regime.