Thursday, January 17, 2013

Best post of 2012!

Editor's Note: We decided that this was the best or most significant post of 2012 on our blog site. This episode from Press TV's In Focus television program showed the truth about the situation in Hungary. It showed that there was no fascism in Hungary and that democracy was alive and well in the country, contrary to what the left-wing was trying to portray. This was one of the only media outlets that showed the left-wing's attempt in trying to lie about the situation in Hungary in order to get international sympathy and attention. You won't be able to find what was reported in this program in the controlled mainstream media.

This is an excellent report by Press TV's In Focus television program. This particular episode is called "Hungary: Standing up to the West?" and it provides an unbiased, globalist-free account of the recent political events in Hungary. This is the only report that I've seen that actually mentions that there were more than 400,000 people that attended the Peace March earlier this year in support of the conservative government. It also mentions that there is indeed democracy in Hungary and that the western mainstream media made exaggerations in their reports.

The vast majority of the mainstream media started to bash the conservative government of Orbán Viktor after he changed the old constitution which was made by the old communist regime. His government is also steering Hungary back to its conservative roots which has upset the Hungarian left-wing and their globalist backers. Newspaper articles, TV reports and commentaries all bashed Hungary's conservative government on a daily basis.

It was almost impossible to find one bit of news that supported Hungary's conservative government or was at least positive of it. People living in the West got the idea from the mainstream media that there was a tyrannical despot in power in Hungary. The globalist-friendly mainstream media, which supports the Hungarian left-wing, provided news that was often exaggerated. Many reports were filled with misinformation and half-truths about the political situation in Hungary.

The conservative government of Orbán Viktor was voted in with a historic majority two years ago. The Hungarian left-wing is upset because they suffered such as disastrous defeat in the last national election. They also don't like the fact that Orbán's government is returning Hungary to its conservative Christian roots. Many on the Hungarian left still foster an admiration for the old communist regime and the benefits they enjoyed under it. They can't stand the fact that their secular communist "utopia" has disappeared entirely. Watch the program and see the truth about Hungary and how the mainstream media basically lied about the situation there.