Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Farage exposes globalist tyranny

In this very good interview with American Alex Jones of, MEP Nigel Farage exposes the globalist tyranny in Europe. Farage is currently the leader of the UKIP (UK Independence Party). He tells us about the problems and the failures of the European Union, which are totally correct. He goes on to tell us that no matter what, the globalist architects want to forge ahead with the EU project. These globalists have an "iron grip" over the democracies of the European continent. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

The EU globalists want to remove any remaining sovereignty from the EU member states. This is incredibly dangerous as both fascism and communism sought the same goal in the 20th century, tens of millions died as a result. The globalist architects are clever as they disguised the EU as an economic union. Slowly it has turned into a political union in which the member states are controlled and dictated to by Brussels (the capital of the EU).

It is true that the EU member states are controlled by unelected politicians and have laws created by unelected bureaucrats. According to Farage, elections in the member countries will be insignificant and irrelevant. Removing democratic freedoms and liberties is what the globalists want to do in the EU. Soviet Union anyone? Sounds like it! Hungarians have seen this kind of tyranny before, including the other peoples of Central and Eastern Europe. The Soviet Union and communism are still fresh in the memories of many Hungarians. Hungarians were fooled into voting to join the EU as they thought that it would only be an economic union. Reality is now setting in and Hungarians are seeing the true face of the European Union.

Almost a decade later, Hungarians have woken up to the fact that the EU is slowly stripping of them of their political sovereignty and democratic rights and liberties. There were some in Hungary warned that this would happen way back when, it is a shame that more people didn't listen when it mattered the most. If the vote were held in Hungary today to join the EU, the vast majority of Hungarians would say no to joining. Watch the video and see how the EU globalists want to destroy the national identity and political sovereignty of the free countries of Europe.