Thursday, December 13, 2012

Student discontent in Budapest

It has been reported that the Hungarian left-wing is fueling the discontent among the protesting university students in Budapest. The protests by the students began on Monday and started to pressure the conservative government to amend the newly passed legislation on tuition fee hikes. The protest on Monday saw 1,000 students marching on the streets of downtown Budapest. Today's protest saw a smaller group of about 500 students protest in front of the Parliament Building.

It was apparent that it soon turned into an anti-government protest with the original purpose forgotten. The students then tried to storm into the Parliament Building but were turned back by police. Most students don't buy what the left-wing is saying and didn't bother to attend the protests. The protesting students want university education to remain free but it is highly unrealistic in today's Hungary. The majority of the students at the protests were left-wing sympathizers. They believe that if the socialists are elected, a free university education will be provided.