Friday, December 14, 2012

Quote of the day

"I can’t take what’s happening there now. It’s very, very sad. The right and the extreme right are so prominent and so strong. And there is so much racism, hatred, anti-Semitism and nationalism. It would be suicide for me to go there. They would chop off my hands. But I will never keep quiet."

Comments recently made by Hungarian pianist András Schiff. Schiff says that he cannot return to Hungary because of the prevailing political attitude there. He is currently in "self-exile" in Britain.

Editor's Note: Schiff's comments come as no surprise. For people who claim to be the most tolerant, they can actually be the most intolerant. Since losing the national election to the conservatives, the Hungarian left has gone crying to the international media that there is fascism and extremism in Hungary. Schiff's comments are actually pretty extreme. They are gross overreactions and do not reflect the current social and political state of Hungary. These comments were made to give the left-wing support and sympathy. Schiff forgot to mention that there is a firing squad that greets you when you arrive in Hungary.