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Memorable posts of 2012

The Free Hungarian Voice is a blog site presenting Hungarian news and events from a right-of-center view point. We've covered many political, economic and social issues and topics in 2012. Just in case you missed them, here are the posts that we thought were the most significant or informative in 2012.

The 600,000 that history forgot....

I know that this is a very heavy topic to deal with but one I feel must be addressed. Many in the West have become familiar with great tragedies that have befallen various ethnic and cultural groups in the 20th century. Some seem to take more precedence in the media (films & television). It could be due to the fact of the severity of the injustice perpetrated. Nevertheless, I think that all injustices should be highlighted and that all suffering be treated equally regardless of their ethnicity.

Hungary was apart of the Axis powers during World War Two. In 1945, Hungary was defeated by the allies. The allies, namely the Soviet Union, moved in to occupy Hungary. The Soviet Union  called it a “liberation”, but as we know today, it became an occupation. Almost immediately, the Soviet Union exacted its revenge on the people of Hungary. Immediately after the Battle of Budapest in early 1945, both Hungarian soldiers and citizens were captured and then moved eastward to the Soviet Union. They were to end up in Soviet work camps as forced labourers. This action on the part of the Soviet Union was to continue until the end of World War Two. It targeted both ethnic Hungarians and ethnic Germans living in Hungary. In total, 600,000 Hungarians were deported to work camps around the Soviet Union. Civilians accounted for about 200,000 of that number. Many died during the transit to the camps. In all, 200,000 died, the vast majority of them being civilians.

I learned of this tragedy only two years ago. I often wondered why this received little or no media attention at all. I guess it is because Hungary was a part of the Axis and that it was a case of revenge on the part of the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, the fact that civilians were deported is troubling. This action by the Soviet Union not only went against international conventions but against human decency. Considering what the Soviet Union went through, this is a sad chapter in history. I don’t think that there will ever be justice for these Hungarians. As a result of this, we should never forget the 600,000 that history forgot.


The EU is the new Soviet Union from a survivor


Learn the truth about the European Union from a survivor of the Soviet Union. In his presentation in this YouTube video, Mr. Vladimir Bukovsky mentions striking similarities between the EU and the USSR. He spent years of horror in Soviet camps for sticking up for human rights. After watching his presentation on the similarities, I was very astonished and alarmed at how the EU all to closely resembles the much hated Soviet Union. Mr. Bukovsky sends us a warning that Europeans will repeat the disaster of communism and the Soviet Union. You will be surprised, this is a must watch!


European Union supports communist symbolism 


In a ruling last week, the European Court of Human Rights and Justice ordered the Hungarian state to pay damages to János Fratanolo. The Hungarian state must pay EUR 6400 to Mr. Fratanolo in compensation and to cover court/legal costs. He is the former head of the Hungarian Workers' Party, which is a communist party in Hungary today. On May 1st, 2004, Mr. Fratanolo wore a communist red star button on his jacket in Pécs, Hungary. The event he was at in Pécs was celebrating Hungary's joining the European Union. He wore the red star button to show solidarity with the international workers' movement. The Hungarian criminal code bans the wearing of totalitarian symbols (Nazi & communist). Hungarian Criminal Code 269/B.§ 1993.

The Pécs City Court found Mr. Fratanolo guilty in  May of 2008, of wearing a banned totalitarian symbol. Mr. Fratanolo then went to the Baranya County Court in September of 2008, where all charges against him where thrown out. The decision was appealed and the Pécs City Court found him guilty again. Mr. Fratanolo then went to the European Court of Human Rights and Justice in Strasbourg. He challenged the Hungarian court's ruling and won. In essence, the European Court overruled the Hungarian criminal code which bans the wearing of totalitarian symbols. In the case of Mr. Fratanolo, the wearing of the communist red star. Hungary is not the only country in the former Eastern European block that bans communist symbolism. Poland, Latvia and Lithuania also have laws against the use of communist symbols. 

The real face of the European Union is showing. This recent action has shown that the EU does not respect the laws of their member states and can overrule them. In 2005 and 2007, the EU and various political parties in Germany tried to ban the Nazi swastika in an EU-wide ban. Eventually, they would back off the ban. By ruling in favour of the wearing communist symbols, the EU has shown its sympathies to this totalitarian ideology. The most recent estimates show that communism killed up to 100 million people worldwide in the 20th century. 


Pro-government rally draws more than 400,000+ participants

Photo: Derzsi Elekes Andor, (CC)

On January 21, 2012, over 400,000 plus Hungarian patriots marched in support of the conservative government of Orban Viktor. In recent weeks leading up to the march, the Orban government and Hungary had come under vicious attacks by far-left and globalist agents in both the European Union and the world at large. There were exaggerated lies that democracy and freedom were in peril due to the "fascist tyranny" of Orban Viktor and his government. Globalist and far-left supporters in Hungary created a hysteria and used their globalist contacts in the EU to propagate their agenda against the Orban government and their own country.

 Photo: Derzsi Elekes Andor, (CC)

Hungarians from all over Hungary attended the "March for Peace" in Budapest. Hungarians from the neighbouring countries also attended. There was a large number that had also come from Erdely (Transylvania, Romania). The "March for Peace" started at Heroes Square and made its way down Andrassy Street and ended in front of the Parliament building. Heroes Square filled four different times as the national anthem of Hungary was played four different times (Heroes Squares holds 100,000 people max.). The side streets that lead to Andrassy street were also choked with marchers and supporters of the Orban government. 

Official estimates by the Budapest police and the Ministry of the Interior, put the size of the marchers at over 400,000 people! Al Jazeera put the size of the marchers at 100,000 x 4 (400,000). Not surprisingly, left-wing media in Hungary and the globalist western media put the figure at 100,000 marchers. Many protests supporting Hungary against the EU and globalists here held in Poland. Poland and Hungary have a warm history of friendship and support in the face of foreign tyranny. The march was a huge success that showed Europe and the world that Hungarians at large supported their democratically elected government.



Nigel takes on the EU, "Who the hell do you people think you are?"

This is another great video of Nigel Farage in the European Parliament that I have to share. In the video, he takes on Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Union, and all the other "Eurocrats". Nigel Farage is an extremely intelligent man that knows what he is talking about. He often attacks the EU for its undemocratic practices and procedures.

Farage used to be a conservative in the early nineties but them quit the Conservative Party in Britain after they "sold out" to the EU by signing the Maastricht Treaty. He maintains that he is a libertarian. As a libertarian, Farage sees the dangers of the European Union. Libertarianism emphasizes freedom, liberty of the individual and voluntary association. Libertarians support a society that has little government power. Farage seems to be a very popular politician. I'm sure that we haven't seen the last of him yet. Please watch the video till the end.

Website of Nigel Farage:


 Remembering the Gyurcsány regime police terror

Editor's Note: Yesterday, Pál Schmitt resigned for plagiarizing his dissertation in 1992. A few years ago, Ferenc Gyurcsány did not resign after lying to the Hungarian people. Hungarians all over the country protested for his resignation and many were beaten for exercising their democratic rights.

Everyone remembers the 2006 protests in Hungary against the socialist government of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány. There were a series of anti-government protests all over Hungary. Most of the larger protests against Gyurcsány took place in Budapest. The protests were due to a leaked audio recording of a private speech by Gyurcsány. He confessed that his Socialist Party had lied to win the 2006 election and that his government had done nothing worth mentioning in the previous four years in power.

The short YouTube video above is an illustration of the level of violence that the Budapest police used against the protesters. Even after the unreal level of violence used by the police was discovered, Gyurcsány refused to resign. In the video, you can see the police patrolling down Váci street in downtown Budapest. They all rush a single bystander on one corner and viciously beat him to a pulp. Though the video is not very long, it looks as if the bystander was innocently standing around the corner when the police began to beat him. The level of violence used by the police was incredible.

There were reports that even tourists to Hungary that happened to be in the area of the protests were beaten. Old men, women and children and even a priest were beaten or shot by rubber bullets. The majority of the Budapest police officers that were at the protests wore masks to conceal their identities. Also, the officers whore no identification tags or numbers that could be used to identify them later on. Many police departments around the world make it mandatory for their officers to be identified in some manner.

After the protests in September of 2006, one Hungarian television program interviewed a former West German police officer who had extensive experience during protests in his country during the 1980's. He told the Hungarian presenter that never is his police experience did he see such violence used by the police against protesters. Currently, the Hungarian Defence Ministry is launching an investigation into the fact that the Budapest police had been supplied with ammunition and grenade launchers from the Hungarian Army during the 2006 protests. It is still unclear whether the transfer was legal or not.


 Mainstream media censorship

This is a perfect example of mainstream media censorship. This happened on January 3rd, 2012, during a Ron Paul rally for the Iowa caucus in the United States. Ron Paul is a libertarian who is running for the Republican Party presidential nomination. While the other candidates such as Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum get huge amounts of media coverage from left-wing media, Ron Paul is virtually ignored by them. Essentially, there is a media blackout on Ron Paul.

In this YouTube video, you can see an American soldier voicing his support for Ron Paul. As soon as he says something that this left-wing media source doesn't like, the connection is suddenly "lost". This clearly illustrates the power and control that mainstream media has as it silences those it doesn't agree with and reports on those it supports. What ever happened to fair and balanced media?


Hungary is Christian 


 Patriarchal cross used by the Hungarians since the Middle Ages.

Hungary is a Christian country. Yes, you heard that right. Contrary to what some people and the mainstream media would like you to think. I just read the excerpts from an interview conducted by the Washington Post with Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Viktor last week. The interviewer from the Washington Post was pretty incorrect in his assumption when questioning Mr. Orbán that Hungary is a secular country. For most, It would imply that Hungary is not a Christian country and never was. The interviewer told Mr. Orbán that "Hungary is a secular country, but the constitution now says that this is a Christian country and that life begins at conception." This statement by the interviewer give readers the notion that Hungary was always a secular country and never Christian. It is very misleading. Let's quickly look at the history of Christianity in Hungary.

A majority of educated people know that Hungary, as a European nation, has always been Christian. Hungary was founded over 1,100 years ago. Saint Stephen I, was the first king of Hungary. Under Stephen, Hungary was recognized as a Catholic Apostolic Kingdom. King Stephen had introduced Christianity to Hungary. Before King Stephen, the old Magyar paganism dominated the Hungarian lands. Pope Sylvester II had given King Stephen the Holy Crown of Hungary as well, which is an important Christian symbol. Another important symbol in Hungarian history is that of the Patriarchal cross (double cross). This cross appears in Hungarian history around the reign of King Bela III (1190s). The Patriarchal cross is prominent in the various royal Hungarian coat of arms throughout the Middle Ages. The Patriarchal cross first appears in the royal coat of arms during the reign of Louis I of Hungary (1342-1382).

First variation of the coat of arms with Christian Patriarchal cross.

When the Ottoman Turks invaded Europe and then Hungary herself, Hungary became the defender of Christian Europe. Pope Pius III once said that "Hungary is that shield of Christianity and the defender of western civilization". Hungary was the last major Christian kingdom before the heart of Europe that could stop the advancing Ottoman Turks. Throughout the centuries, Christianity played an important role in Hungarian society. Originally, the overwhelming majority of Christians in Hungary were Catholics. After the Reformation, the number of Protestants increased, especially in the eastern part of the Hungarian Kingdom.

Current version of coat of arms used by Hungary since 1990. Only the socialist party members in parliament opposed the official use of it when it was put to vote.

For over 1,000 years, Christianity has played a prominent role in Hungarian society. It was only in the period from 1949 to 1989 that secularization emerges in Hungary. In this 40 year period, the communists controlled Hungary. The communists, who were officially atheists, looked down on Christianity as saw it as a threat. During the early years of communism in Hungary, public practice was essentially tolerated but by being a practicing Christian, one could lose their status in Hungarian society. The communists tried to replace the religion of Christianity with their "religion" of communism. The policies of the communists during their 40 year reign, created a fear amongst Hungarians when it came to practicing their Christian faith. As a result, Hungarian society became more secular. The damage by the communists had been done. Within 40 years, church attendance was at an all time low.

With the fall of communism in 1989, Hungarians began to rediscover their Christian heritage. Hungarians once again were able to practice their Christian faith openly without discrimination by the state. No matter what people or especially the mainstream media might say, Hungarians have always remained Christian and proudly identify themselves as such. Recently, according to a 2001 census, 54.5% of Hungarians identified themselves as Roman Catholics. The number of Protestants identified in Hungary was 19.5% (Calvinists, Lutherans, Baptists). Those that said they had no religion or refused to answer was 24.5% of the population. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed had identified themselves as Christians. So much for Hungary being a secular country. The current coat of arms proudly displays the Patriarchal cross as it had in the past. The comments made by the Washington Post interviewer show an incredible ignorance that will mislead people who are not familiar with Hungary and her history.


Why abortion is bad for Hungary

Editor's Note: It is estimated that from 907 AD till the present, due to wars, revolutions and epidemics, about five million Hungarians lost their lives. From 1956 to the present day, it is estimated that there were more than seven million abortions in Hungary. If you do the mathematics, you can see that the number of abortions preformed in Hungary in 56 years outnumbered the number of Hungarians killed since their arrival in Europe. Furthermore, Hungary's population could have nearly doubled in in 56 years!

Generally, abortion is a very hot topic in different countries all over the world. There are many heated debates on abortion from both pro-choice and pro-life camps. Everyone has a position on this contentious issue. One thing that I didn't realize was the high number of abortions that are preformed in Central and Eastern European countries. These countries belonged to the former communist eastern block. Abortion was legalized in many eastern block countries during the Cold War and many young women in these countries took advantage of it. Twenty years later, after the Cold War, abortions seem to be very common. In Hungary, the number of abortions performed in recent decades was quite high. Recently, the number of legal abortions is now lowering due to government action.

Even in the face of aging populations and extremely low birth rates, many young women are still having abortions. The majority of these women are in the ages of 20-24. In Hungary, like many other European countries, there is a very low birth rate. The higher number of abortions in Hungary, contribute to this low birth rate. Another contributing factor to the population decline in Hungary is the fact that people are having smaller families (lesser children). When my grandfather was born in the early 20th century, he was one of 10 children. It was very common during this period, that many rural Hungarian families were having 8 to 10 children!

With the harsh economic reality in Hungary today, it is no surprise that Hungarian parents are only having one or two children. It must be kept in mind that two children per family is the average replenishment rate for a society. If a large number of couples are only having 1 or no children, then eventually a society can face population decline very quickly! If the economic situation is forcing couples to have less children, then the Hungarian government must do what it can to promote more child birth in the country. If they don't do anything, then there can be severe population decline within 2 or 3 generations. The Hungarian government can even offer money to families for every child born or to pay for daycare. It would then be a good incentive to have more children.  

The Hungarian population hit a high in 1980 at 10,709,463 people. Since that high point in 1980, the Hungarian population has continues to decline. In 1990, the Hungarian population declined to 10,374,823. In 2001, the population lowered to 10,198,315. Finally in 2011, the Hungarian population stood at 9,979,000. If this disturbing trend continues, there will be serious societal consequences for Hungary. Luckily, the number of legal abortions in Hungary have been on the decline in the last couple of years. In 1999, the number of reported abortions was 65, 981. In 2008, the number dropped to 44,089. In 2009, the number of reported abortions had further dropped to 43,181.

The conservative government of Orbán Viktor, has worked hard in trying to reduce the number of legal abortions in Hungary. In 2011, the government launched a huge anti-abortion campaign to try to reduce the number of legal abortions. The government made it clear that they do not want to ban abortion but to lessen the number of abortions. They have been criticized by various left-wing organizations for this program.

In order for the Hungarian population to positively grow again, two actions must take place. One, which is currently taking place, is the lowering of legal abortions. The figures show that the number of legal abortions has been lowering. The other, which isn't taking place, is the promotion planned child births resulting in larger families. Even if the economic situation in the country is not ideal for making babies, the government must find ways to promote parents in having more children. If they don't do this, then the Hungarian population will continue to fall. We can only hope that the current trend in population decline will be reversed in the near future.


Exposing the mainstream media

A nice little video showing the immense bias of the mainstream media against those that disagree with their agenda. Essentially, they can silence, block or black out a person that goes against the establishment even though that person is extremely popular with the public. The person in question here is Ron Paul of the United States. He is running for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Ron Paul is often ignored by the mainstream media on purpose. Everything he stands for goes against the establishment which the mainstream media is trying to protect. 

Politically, Ron Paul a libertarian who supports personal freedoms, responsible spending by the government, smaller government and a return to the original intent of the founding fathers of the United States. All of these ideals and beliefs definitely go against what the mainstream media is trying to promote. They are trying to promote larger government, more wasteful spending, loss of personal freedoms and more foreign wars for the United States. The video is from the liberal comedian-host Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. Jon Stewart supports Ron Paul and shows the mainstream media bias against him as they try to black him out. Watch the video and see how the mainstream media goes out of its way to block and silence the man.


 Nigel Farage exposes communist leadership in EU

In this video from 2010, the very popular MEP Nigel Farage of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Party, exposes the top EU political leadership as former communists. It is no surprise that the top echelon of power in the EU is made up of former communists. The EU strictly used to be an economic union of European countries. In recent times, it is resembling a left-wing political organization that is undemocratically and unfairly dictating to member states who aren't following their left-wing agenda. In the case of Hungary, this is entirely true. 

The European Union is a far-left political organization which seeks to stamp out the native identities of its member states. Anything that resembles patriotism, nationalism or Christian heritage or history is stamped out by the EU. Hungary has recently learned this by enacting a Christian constitution that declared that marriage is between a man and a woman. This action by the Hungarian government, prompted all kinds of opposition from the EU as well as political threats of punishment. With so many former communists and members of the far-left leading the EU, it is no surprise that many have called the organization the "European Soviet Union".

I find it very disturbing that there are so many members of the extreme left (communists), in significant seats of power in the EU. It is a dangerous political ideology that killed up to 100 million people worldwide in the 20th century by recent estimates. Essentially, supporters of communism are running the organization, thereby giving it a left-wing political course. After all, would we tolerate far right-wing fascists running the EU?

There is a clear double standard when it comes to the far left-wing and far right-wing in society and in politics. In this day and age, communism and communists seem to be socially acceptable. This is evident in any major European city as you see some idiots wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. The social acceptance of communism is a dangerous notion that must be reversed. This extremist ideology is a threat to any free and democratic society. We thank Nigel Farage is exposing the extreme left-wing leadership of the EU. Please watch the video.    


 Are you a mainstream media zombie?

Editor's Note: If you haven't woken up yet, maybe now is a good time to!

Are you a mainstream media zombie? Not surprisingly, I used to be one. Then one day I woke up after I found out that the mainstream media was presenting half-truths and outright lies on different issues. Gone were the innocent days when I followed and believed everything the mainstream media told me. Waking up to the lies and false presentations from the media is not easy. It comes with a little life experience, getting older and being able to see right through what they are presenting.

Often the mainstream media will present something that supports and furthers their sociopolitical agenda. Usually concepts or people that don't agree with their agenda are often silenced or not reported on. This makes their followers believe that everyone is in total agreement on an issue and that it is wrong to disagree.  The media will also present figures or facts falsely in order to support or further their agenda (false reporting). Reporting on the recent political events in Hungary has shown this to be true.

The size of pro-government rallies were often falsely reported on by the media. The international mainstream media in particular, often reported that the size of the rallies were smaller than they really were. On January 21, 2012, over 400,000 plus Hungarian pro-government supporters marched in downtown Budapest. The magical number of 100,000 and not the actual 400,000 plus was reported by the international mainstream media. On March 15th, on the Revolution Day national holiday, 250,000 pro-government supporters assembled in Kossuth square in front of the Hungarian Parliament to hear the prime minister speak. Not surprisingly, the international media reported that only 100,000 had attended. The only reliable (truthful) figures were provided by the Hungarian Interior Ministry and by the Budapest police.

There used to be days when the mainstream media was fair, balanced and 100 percent truthful. There are still millions of people who are mainstream media zombies who have not woken up yet. Luckily, more and more people are waking up to seeing what the mainstream media is really about. There are some conservative media sources, but the vast majority of the mainstream media is definitely left-wing. The beauty of the internet is that it is still the last frontier of free speech. It is a place that is not controlled exclusively by the mainstream media and government (at least not yet). Anyway, enjoy the YouTube video above by Canadian comedian Jon Lajoie.


Infamous speech of the liar 

This is the infamous speech that former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány gave to his Hungarian Socialist Party behind closed doors back in 2006. Apparently, someone in the audience recorded his speech in which he openly boasted and gloated about lying to the Hungarian people in order to win the election in 2006. He also mentioned that his government in the previous term did absolutely nothing while they were in power for four years. Once the recorded message reached the media and then the public, huge anti-government protests in Budapest and other large Hungarian cities occurred.
Gyurcsány refused to step down, even though he openly admitted to lying and doing a poor job in office. He essentially broke the trust and confidence of the Hungarian people. The right and honourable course of action would have been to have immediately resign his position. He refused to do so, even though most Hungarians were against him. Furthermore, it was under his regime that the police were sent in to crush the protests violently. Women, children and even old men were either beaten or hit with tear gas. Apparently, even tourists to Hungary were not spared either. There were reports of tourists being beaten by the Budapest police.

Like rabid dogs, the police went around downtown Budapest streets beating anyone in sight, protester and spectator alike. After the protests, these police officers were sent to other divisions across Hungary to conceal their identities and protect them. Many police officers who were apart of the force used to crush the protests violently, are now under review or have been suspended.

The recorded speech by Gyurcsány was the icing on the cake. Public discontent with the Gyurcsány socialist government had been growing for months before that. His government and its policies, were highly unpopular with the majority of average Hungarians. Most of the protesting Hungarians were conservative supporters who were fed up with Gyurcsány and his government. The left-wing mainstream media in Hungary and outside the country, labelled the protesters as "neo-nazis".

The majority of the protesters were "mainstream" Hungarians who were enraged by Gyurcsány's speech. Apart from the odd soccer hooligan that that was present at the protests, it should be known that there were no skinheads or nazi flags even present. This shows that the mainstream media wanted to label the protesters as right-wing extremists when they were just average citizens exercising their democratic rights. Hopefully, something like this never happens again in Hungary. A politician like Ferenc Gyurcsány, should never return to political power.


Comrade Barroso!

Just in time for May Day, the celebration of the worker and the international proletariat. May I present you, comrade Barosso. Yes, this is José Manual Durão Barroso, the current president of the European Commission. I know that many people do stupid things in their lives when they are young. But I believe in the motto that says "once an extremist, always an extremist". In this video, you can see when Barroso was a young university student in Portugal. The mid-1970s were turbulent times in Portugal, as a long-term dictator was deposed, creating political tension in the country.

In this clip, you can see a young Barroso being interviewed for a TV show in 1976. In the interview, Barroso shares his Maoist (communist) beliefs with the interviewer. Mao Zedong's brutal Chinese communist regime killed tens of millions people. I've never supported left or right-wing extremists, as I believe that they are lunatics who only represent a small fraction of any society. You can only imagine the reaction if a right-wing extremist became the EU Commission president. I guess that it is only fit to wish comrade Barroso a happy May Day...


 Hungarian left supports globalist agents

It's absolutely no surprise that the Hungarian left-wing supports globalist agents. Globalism is the "new communism". It is a left-wing movement or policy that promotes internationalism. Globalism places the interests of the world above those of individual nations. The majority of globalists are former communists and those on the left-wing. They seek to eliminate national borders, destroy native homogeneous cultures through mass immigration and ultimately create one world government. Sound familiar? You bet! 

The foundations of globalism are eerily familiar to communism. Communism was also an international movement. In this YouTube video from a few years ago, you can see the former Hungarian ambassador to the United States András Simonyi, supporting the possible ambassadorship of Whoopi Goldberg. He was appointed by the left-wing Hungarian government of Péter Medgyessy and served from 2002 to 2007.  Whoopi was once rumoured to become the US ambassador to Hungary. As mentioned in my previous post, Whoopi is a globalist agent that supports promoting the gay agenda in Hungary. Simonyi does a really good job of "kissing her rear end" in this video.


 No thanks Whoopi...

Editor's Note: Interesting how she tries to equate the gay rights movement in Hungary with Hungary's freedom struggles throughout the centuries. The two have nothing to do with each other.

This video is a few years old but I wanted to share it anyway. In the video, you can see Whoopi Goldberg talking about gay rights and supporting the gay pride march in Budapest. We can clearly see that Whoopi is an agent of the globalists trying to spread the globalist agenda around the world. Clearly Whoopi has some kind of attachment to Hungary and is urging Hungarians to be accepting of gay rights and the gay agenda. It was even rumored that Whoopi was going to be the US ambassador to Hungary at one time - thank God that didn't happen! 

If she had done her homework more carefully, Whoopi would have seen that Hungary has more than 1,000 years of Christian tradition and heritage. What might fly in Hollywood or San Francisco, will definitely not fly in Hungary. The acceptance of gay lifestyle and gay pride marches has faced stiff opposition from countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Russia etc.). It is no surprise that the globalists are using Hollywood personalities to spread their anti-Christian agenda around the world. They will find fierce resistance and opposition in Central & Eastern Europe, where traditional marriage and lifestyle have been commonplace for centuries. It is commonly known that the majority of Hollywood personalities and actors are solid backers of the left-wing and support the globalist agenda.