Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Court attacks traditional family

Hungary's court system is still full of communist-era judges who rule against conservative laws.

The Hungarian Constitutional Court struck down (annulled) provisions or parts of the family protection law on Monday. The family protection law deals with the rules of inheritance and the definition of the family. The conservative Fidesz government enacted a new constitution since coming to power in which marriage was defined by being between a man and a women. The government is moving the nation back to its Christian roots and values. For this reason alone, they have been rabidly attacked by the European Union and the Hungarian left-wing. Forty years of communist atheism has removed Hungary's traditional values from the landscape. Hungary has been a Christian nation for over 1,000 years and must return back on track. Communist retardation has done serious damage to Hungarian society.

Hungary's top court said that the law had an "excessively restrictive interpretation" on the view of the family. The law pointed out that family was defined as a marriage between a man and a women. Many on the Hungarian right have pointed to the fact that the aim of the court's ruling was to weaken the traditional family unit. The ruling has now strengthened the right-wing's resolve to protect marriage at all costs. Meanwhile, the Hungarian left is rejoicing and hailing the ruling as a great step forward.

The ruling by the court comes as no surprise. The Hungarian court system is still full of communist-era judges that often strike down the laws enacted by the conservative government. The government tried to retire these judges earlier this year but came up to stiff opposition internally and externally. The European Union and the Hungarian left-wing put up fierce opposition to the retirement of the judges.  This definitely shows that there is foreign meddling and influence in Hungarian internal affairs.

This is an interesting case that a democratically elected government with a majority in parliament can have their enacted laws struck down by unelected officials (communist-era judges). The majority of these judges swore allegiance to and uphold the laws of an undemocratic state (communist Hungary). Hungarians must reclaim their court systems by removing these biased judges. Only then can the legacy of communism and its lingering influence be removed from Hungary forever.  

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