Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some drama in Budapest

A little bit of drama occurred at the pro-Israel rally at the Israeli embassy in Budapest last Thursday. Jewish groups organized the rally in support of Israel in which a few hundred people showed up. Several counter demonstrators also showed up to voice their displeasure with the actions of the Israeli state in the recent conflict with the Palestinians. Jobbik vice-president Előd Novák also showed up to demonstrate. He carried a sign which read "Is child murder self-defense?". Some at the rally took offense to his sign and things got a little nasty.

The rally supporters and their security scuffled with the counter demonstrators. Novák's sign was broken in half and he was ruffled up by a couple of shady individuals. For some reason he was charged with disturbance of public peace and detained by the Budapest police. They took him away to the police station for questioning. They finally released Novák later the same day. Whether you agree with Novák or not, he was clearly expressing his freedom of speech and expression. In the video, you can see that he is standing/walking on the street near the rally which is not private property.