Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thoughts on the revolution

The anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 is coming up in a matter of days. The Hungarian Revolution began on October 23, 1956. Though the revolution was crushed by the Soviets, the Hungarian freedom fighters successfully put the first nails into the coffin of the brutal communist ideology. Hungarians have a long and proud history of resisting foreign invaders and political powers that sought to enslave her during her long history. It is no coincidence today that the conservative government of Hungary is resisting the demands and dictations of the IMF and the European Union.

It is a sad fact that there is a minority within the Hungarian population, namely those within the Hungarian left-wing, who quietly support the memory and legacy of the old internationalist communist regime that once ruled the country with a brutal iron fist. These individuals support the new communism of the 21st century which is globalism. Globalism, like communism, seeks to undermine and destroy the national fabric and sovereignty of all independent nations. It seeks to enslave free countries politically and economically. Globalism and communism are both internationalist ideologies and movements. It is no surprise that this generation of Hungarians is facing a similar threat as their grandparents faced just over 50 years ago.

The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was a justifiable revolution against an inhumane and despicable regime that did not respect democratic principles, the proper rule of law and basic human rights. We must never forget the legacy of the 1956 revolution and the sacrifices of our forefathers. We must also hold responsible and accountable those that supported the communist regime. Sadly, even more than 50 years later, many Hungarians are still waiting for justice to be served.

Many communist killers and butchers are still alive today in Hungary and Eastern Europe. They roam the streets free at will and even collect generous state pensions. It is doubtful that there will ever be a "Nuremberg trials" for the surviving communist killers from the Cold War. Nevertheless, the revolution of 1956 gave the Hungarian people the opportunity to strike back at their tormentors and strike back they did!