Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Second Peace March

Yesterday on October 23, 400,000 Hungarians participated in the official commemoration ceremony at Kossuth Square for the Hungarian Revolution. Around 150,000 people participated in the second Peace March that made its way through busy Budapest streets all the way to Kossuth Square in front of the Parliament Building. They meet up with the other group to form the larger number of 400,000 people. These hundreds of thousands of Hungarians came to remember and pay tribute to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and to the heroic freedom fighters that fought for a free Hungary.

You get a good idea of the size of the crowd from these videos as they march on the streets to the official government ceremonial celebration at Kossuth Square. Left-wing Hungarian media has already been trying to minimize the number of people that participated by saying that only 150,000 people marched. What they fail to realize is that in the end 400,000 patriotic Hungarians ended up at Kossuth Square to listen to the Hungarian prime minister and participate in the official ceremony honouring the 1956 Revolution. The crowd size was confirm by the Hungarian Interior Ministry and by larger Hungarian media outlets.