Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nationalist gathering

The right-wing nationalist political party Jobbik had their own gathering and remembrance for the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. It is estimated that a few thousand people showed up for the Jobbik event. Even though the Jobbik party is a right-wing party, they don't see eye to eye with the governing conservative Fidesz party. They believe that the Fidesz party has sold out Hungary by joining the European union and by being subservient to the EU.

Jobbik appeals to hard core nationalists and has been controversial in the past. They are still pretty popular as they get around 20 percent in recent support polls. The Hungarian left-wing often labels them as fascists and Nazis but it is the left-wing that only has to look into the mirror and see their own communist past. Out of all the events that commemorated the Hungarian Revolution on October 23, the Jobbik event had the most flags if you noticed.