Monday, September 03, 2012

Bogus refugees cost Canada

Canadian taxpayers are very upset at the recent news of the costs of bogus Roma (gypsy) refugees to Canada. Taxpayers are paying hundreds of millions of dollars for the costs in association with failed or abandoned claims for Hungarian Roma refugees every year. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) estimates that each failed Roma refugee claimant costs taxpayers around $50,000 CDN dollars yearly!!

For the 4,442 Roma claimants in 2011 alone, the costs to Canadian taxpayers was around $222 million dollars yearly!! This figure includes the federal cost of processing the claims as well as providing health-care coverage and social assistance for the claimants. Even after the Roma claimants are deported or leave Canada voluntarily, taxpayers are still sending them cheques to their accounts for up to sevens months after they have left.

A majority of the Roma refugees have stayed in Canada for many years before a final decision was made on their case. One can only imagine what the costs are for the ones that have stayed in Canada for years. According to Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, 97 percent of Roma refugee claims are rejected, meaning that only about 3 percent of the Roma are accepted as refugees. This is contrary to the claims made by left-wingers who say that around 30 percent are accepted as refugees every year.


Almost all the Roma claimants have the same story when they land in Canada. They all claim that they were attacked and harassed by skinheads and Hungarian Guard in Hungary. While some of the stories could be authentic, it is really doubtful that all are telling the truth. It is believed that the Roma who arrive to Canada are being coached by relatives and friends in what to say to immigration officials when they land at the airport. Greedy immigration consultants in Canada also tell them what to say to the members (judges) at their hearings in order to have their refugee statuses approved.

In order to get refugee status, the Roma have to prove that they were targets of racist attacks because of their ethnicity. Many are unable to prove it because they need official Hungarian government or police documents to show that they were victims of racist attacks. As a result, they end up staying in Canada for years living at the taxpayers expense while waiting for the outcome of their case.

Canadians and their government are getting fed up with footing the bill for the bogus Roma claimants. Recent changes by the Canadian government will speed up the process in which the claims are handled. The Roma will no longer be able to stay for years waiting for the outcome of their cases.

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