Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Leftist mob protests

Last week on Wednesday, a few hundred individuals from various left-wing associations and parties, protested in front of the “Újszínház” in downtown Budapest. They were demanding the resignation of the theatre director György Dörner. Dörner is a conservative who has put more conservative Hungarian content into the theatre. The theatre was previously dominated and run individuals who were stanch supporters of the former left-wing socialist government. Changes happened at the theatre recently which swept out the left-wing leadership there.

The former leadership are upset that they have lost control of "their" theatre that is why they protested the other week. The current management wants to put more conservative and pro-Hungarian content into the theatre which has angered the leftist mob. A handful of Hungarian nationalists countered the mob by standing in front of the theatre shouting "the Újszínház is the Hungarian's" and "We are home". Budapest Police kept both the groups apart as they yelled at each other.

One of the left-wing groups present at the protest was the anti-fascists. Their leader, Vilmos Hanti, was injured near his eye which left a large bruise. He claimed that some of the nationalist counter protesters had assaulted him during the protest. There are actually claims that he had injured himself in order to blame the nationalists.