Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gyurcsány won't run

Former socialist prime minister of Hungary, Ferenc Gyurcsány, has announced that he won't run for prime minister in the upcoming 2014 national elections. This is great news for a majority of Hungarians who suffered economically and politically under his leadership. Gyurcsány was forced to resign as prime minister just a few years ago after the brutal crackdown of demonstrators who protested against his government back in 2006. He was so unpopular in Hungary afterwards that no matter where he went, people would heckle him and throw eggs at him.

Gyurcsány would  continue to have problems and even leave his own socialist party as his popularity was so low. He is now the leader of  the Demokratikus Koalíció political party. The party averages about 4 percent of support among the Hungarian population. Gyurcsány knows very well that he would never have a chance at winning another election because his and his new party's popularity is so low. Hungarians are now glad that Gyurcsány will never become prime minster ever again.