Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hungarian archer sets record!

Hungarian archer József Mónus sets a new world record at an archery tournament

Renown Hungarian long distance archer József Mónus, set a new world record at an international archery tournament in Ergun city in Inner Mongolia, China. Mónus, with his own homemade bow and arrows, smashed all other attempts by over 145 meters, including his own personal best from two years ago. In 2010, Mónus broke a medieval record set in the year 1226 with a new personal best of 603 meters. He now shot an arrow exactly 653 meters, which was a new world record. Talk about some serious flight time!

The result of his shot was validated by Turkish, Chinese and Mongolian officials at the tournament. Archers from 11 countries participated in the tournament and over 100,000 people attended to watch. Mónus is well-known in the international archery community. As the world record holder, he travels all over the world to attend international archery tournaments.

Archery still seems to be very popular in Asian and eastern cultures. In Hungary, it is very popular as the ancient Magyars were very proficient with the bow and arrow on horseback. Currently, there is a growing movement in Hungary to learn the art of Magyar archery. In recent years, Hungary has produced excellent archers such as Mónus and the famous mounted archer, Lajos Kassai.

The interesting thing is that Mónus started archery only six years ago when he attended an archery tournament in Hungary. He then started to practice the art of archery and got very serious with it. Little did he know at the time when he started, that he would break the 784 year world record in long range bow-shooting only a few years later. It just goes to show you that it's never to late to learn something new! Just ask Mónus, he'll tell you.

For more on the new world record:,hirek,uj-vilagrekordot-allitott-fel-a-magyar-versenyzo-kinaban,33281

Video interview with József Mónus, see him in action. (In Hungarian)