Monday, July 23, 2012


Editor's Note: The video shows the shocking brutality of the Budapest police in 2006.

This is the video that was recently released showing the brutality of the Budapest police on peaceful Hungarian demonstrators under the left-wing Gyurcsány regime. This occurred during the protests against the socialist government of Ferenc Gyurcsány back in 2006. Apparently, this video was secret until it was released recently. Only a few people knew that it had existed. Under order by the Gyurcsány government, this video was to remain secret and to be locked up in the state archives for 30 years. Some brave Hungarian soul leaked the video from the archives to show Hungary and the rest of the world the true face of the Gyurcsány government. 

In the video, you can see various Hungarian citizens many of them patriots, exercising their democratic right to protest peacefully. However, after a few minutes, you can see that the police brutally push back the protesters beating many to a pulp. The footage after the police move in and when they start beating people is shocking. The fact that the Gyurcsány government wanted to hide this video shows everyone their sinister intent and motives. Experts who reviewed the video footage say that the police had no right to beat the protesters and that they overstepped their boundaries.

I found the footage to be a little disturbing with the level of violence that was used by the police. The police definitely over reacted in this situation. It really looked like a scene from a third world country where the right to peacefully protest is non-existent. The interesting thing is that there have been recent protests by the Hungarian left against the conservative government of Viktor Orbán. The police never beat these protesters in such a manner or even prevented them from protesting like they did in 2006 under Gyurcsány's government.

This goes to show you that there is a big difference between the previous government and the current one. The previous government under Gyurcsány, wanted to silence all opposition and protest against him and his government. The actions of the Budapest police during the 2006 protests are proof of this. Many of the police officers that participated in the beating of protesters in 2006 have now identified and many have faced disciplinary action.