Friday, June 08, 2012

Socialists show true colours

The Hungarian socialists showed their true colours the other day. On the day of National Unity on June 4th, the entire socialist party boycotted the day in parliament and did not attend. All their seats were empty during the proceedings, while all the other parties attended. This day was created on the anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon, which dismembered Hungary in 1920. The purpose of this day was to unify Hungarians inside and outside Hungary. The socialists, in their own selfishness and self-interest, decided to boycott the proceedings.

When the unity of Hungarians mattered the most, the socialists showed their true colours by not attending. Instead of putting aside partisan politics and self-interest for one day, they revealed that they are not interested in the injustices of Trianon and the unity of the Hungarian people. This is the same party that voted against giving duel citizenship to Hungarians outside of Hungary just a few years ago. Which begs the question, if they won't support their own people, then who will they support? This is hardly a party that any Hungarian can trust. Ethnic Hungarians in the neighbouring countries are subjected to discrimination, abuse and even assaulted because of their backgrounds. Abuses against Hungarians are very common in Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. The small community of Hungarians in the Ukraine are even subjected to discrimination. Yet, the Hungarian Socialist Party hasn't done much in terms of addressing this issue.

The socialists seem more interested in addressing Roma and minority rights in Hungary. Not to say that protecting minority rights are not important, but we shouldn't forget about the rights of the majority as well. Furthermore, this party seems to be more interested in integrating Hungary into the globalist framework rather than protecting her national interests. I'm surprised that for such a globalist-friendly party such as the socialist, that didn't they put pressure on organizations such as Amnesty International to look into the abuses of ethnic Hungarians in the neighbouring countries. They should have done this a few years ago when they were in power. In any case, the socialists should be ashamed of their boycott of parliament. This is definitely a political party that I wouldn't vote for. Chances are that the Hungarian people won't vote for them in two years.