Friday, June 29, 2012

Daniel Estulin speaks again

In this video, Daniel Estulin speaks to Russian RT news about the Bilderberg Group. Estulin spent about 20 years researching the Bilderberg Group and wrote a best selling book about them. He recently gave a speech to the European Parliament about the Bilderberg Group. According to Estulin, they are the globalist ring leaders who are pulling all the strings in Europe and the world. They include various international politicians, bankers, corporate leaders and even European royalty. They control all the political and economic affairs and their policies shape the course of the world. 

Estulin says that they are not a secret society like the "all seeing eye" or a conspiracy theory, but he says that they have actually existed for nearly 800 years. They used to be called the Venetian Black Nobility but are now called the Bilderberg Group. They all meet in secrecy once a year. They don't want to make one world government but one world company limited as Estulin calls it. They are strictly motivated by money and not political ideology. They are the ones responsible for creating the European Union. They have destroyed the national sovereignty of European nations (nation states), erased their political borders, made their constitutions subservient to the EU's constitution and have replace their currency with the Euro. Estulin says that the Bilderberg Group is more powerful than any government in the world.

It seems that Estulin has done a good job of exposing who the globalists are and what their plans are. The globalists want to destroy nation states and take away their national sovereignty. The free peoples and countries of the world should be wary of the globalists as they seek to take away their freedoms. Hungary has had experiences in the past with larger entities dictating and ruling them. Because of the history of resistance to foreign domination, Hungarians will also show the globalists that we will not bow down and submit to them. Please watch the video, what Estulin says makes a lot of sense.