Monday, May 07, 2012

Infamous speech of the liar

This is the infamous speech that former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány gave to his Hungarian Socialist Party behind closed doors back in 2006. Apparently, someone in the audience recorded his speech in which he openly boasted and gloated about lying to the Hungarian people in order to win the election in 2006. He also mentioned that his government in the previous term did absolutely nothing while they were in power for four years. Once the recorded message reached the media and then the public, huge anti-government protests in Budapest and other large Hungarian cities occurred.
Gyurcsány refused to step down, even though he openly admitted to lying and doing a poor job in office. He essentially broke the trust and confidence of the Hungarian people. The right and honourable course of action would have been to have immediately resign his position. He refused to do so, even though most Hungarians were against him. Furthermore, it was under his regime that the police were sent in to crush the protests violently. Women, children and even old men were either beaten or hit with tear gas. Apparently, even tourists to Hungary were not spared either. There were reports of tourists being beaten by the Budapest police. Like rabid dogs, the police went around downtown Budapest streets beating anyone in sight, protester and spectator alike. After the protests, these police officers were sent to other divisions across Hungary to conceal their identities and protect them. Many police officers who were apart of the force used to crush the protests violently, are now under review or have been suspended.

The recorded speech by Gyurcsány was the icing on the cake. Public discontent with the Gyurcsány socialist government had been growing for months before that. His government and its policies, were highly unpopular with the majority of average Hungarians. Most of the protesting Hungarians were conservative supporters who were fed up with Gyurcsány and his government. The left-wing mainstream media in Hungary and outside the country, labelled the protesters as "neo-nazis". The majority of the protesters were "mainstream" Hungarians who were enraged by Gyurcsány's speech. Apart from the odd soccer hooligan that that was present at the protests, it should be known that there were no skinheads or nazi flags even present. This shows that the mainstream media wanted to label the protesters as right-wing extremists when they were just average citizens exercising their democratic rights. Hopefully, something like this never happens again in Hungary. A politician like Ferenc Gyurcsány, should never return to political power.