Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farage: The end of the EU

The most recent speech of Nigel Farage about the failure and end of the European Union. With recent elections in Greece and France, we can see that the tradition mainstream parties on the right and left-wing faced huge defeats. The extreme right and left-wing has benefited greatly from the elections. These include communist left-wing parties and nationalist right-wing parties. This occurred because of moderate right and left-wing parties embraced austerity measures dictated by the EU. The austerity measures were highly unpopular, especially in Greece, where people lived exceptionally well for decades.

The austerity measures were so unpopular that the people voted out the moderate parties. As a result, extreme right and left-wing parties have gained a foothold in their parliaments. This is a clear sign that the people of Europe are getting fed up with the EU. Nigel Farage is correct when he says that the EU has caused the growth of extremism in these countries. I also believe that Nigel is correct when he says that the failure of the EU is only a matter of time. The EU will never work in Europe because of the vast differences in economies in the various member states. In the recent economic case of Greece, it looks like it will only take one country to bring down the "whole building". Please watch the video.