Thursday, April 05, 2012

Film review: Szabadság, szerelem

I finally had a chance to watch this film not to long ago. It has become one of my most favourite historical films. Szabadság, szerelem or also known as Children of Glory, is a film about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The film was released in 2006 and was directed by Krisztina Goda and produced by Andrew G. Vajna. Szabadság, szerelem commemorates Hungary's heroic Revolution of 1956. The film mainly takes place in Budapest during the revolution as well as the Melbourne Olympic Games. It follows the Hungarian water polo team during the games and shows how one of the prominent water polo players gets involved with the Hungarian Revolution.

The film is very well done and shows how heroic Hungarian students, workers and citizens revolt against the Soviet Union as well as their own puppet communist government. The budget for the film is fairly decent and the acting is very good. You'll want to watch the action/battle scenes as they are done well. There have been many documentaries about the Hungarian Revolution over the years, but never any movies about it. I would highly recommend Szabadság, szerelem to anyone who wants to see a movie version about the revolution. It's a shame that Hollywood did not release the film to a wider audience(wide release). They think it is more important that you watch aliens and science fiction than a film about the struggle against communism.