Thursday, April 12, 2012

Opinions on media bias

This is a nice little video on the opinions about media bias. The reporter in the video interviews everyday people in the streets to ask them what they think about the media being biased. The overwhelming majority of them say that the media is biased. In my own experiences, I have come to learn this to be true. The vast majority of media outlets are either right-wing or left-wing. What ever happened to fair and balanced media?

I used to be the kind of person who used to watch the news and believe everything their said. Having more life experience and seeing what the mainstream media is doing to Hungary has changed my faith in the media. I no longer "believe" what the mainstream media tells me, as it is either half-truths or blatant lies. Hungary and its conservative government has been bashed and constantly attacked in the last few months by the globalist-friendly media. It seems that the internet is the only place where people can find some news that is honest, balanced and truthful. This is because the internet seems to be largely free of government and mainstream media control. Anyway, enjoy the video.