Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Exposing the mainstream media

A nice little video showing the immense bias of the mainstream media against those that disagree with their agenda. Essentially, they can silence, block or black out a person that goes against the establishment even though that person is extremely popular with the public. The person in question here is Ron Paul of the United States. He is running for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Ron Paul is often ignored by the mainstream media on purpose. Everything he stands for goes against the establishment which the mainstream media is trying to protect. 

Politically, Ron Paul a libertarian who supports personal freedoms, responsible spending by the government, smaller government and a return to the original intent of the founding fathers of the United States. All of these ideals and beliefs definitely go against what the mainstream media is trying to promote. They are trying to promote larger government, more wasteful spending, loss of personal freedoms and more foreign wars for the United States. The video is from the liberal comedian-host Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. Jon Stewart supports Ron Paul and shows the mainstream media bias against him as they try to black him out. Watch the video and see how the mainstream media goes out of its way to block and silence the man.