Monday, April 16, 2012

Beautiful Budapest


Budapest is known to be one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. The city joins Paris and Vienna as the top European capital cities to visit. If you haven't been to Budapest, then you must see it. Currently, the city has a population of 1.74 million people. The city of Budapest also has an extensive list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city has a very long history as the original settlements in the area were constructed by the Romans. Later on, Attila the Hun built a city where Budapest stands today. 

The Hungarians (Magyars), would eventually settle into the "Town of Attila" and would eventually build up the city of Budapest over the centuries. There are many sights to be seen in Budapest. The most popular tourist sights in the city are; the Buda Castle District, the Chain Bridge, the Parliament Building, Heroes' Square, Gellért Hill and the Danube River separating "Buda" and "Pest". When you have a chance to visit Europe, make sure that Budapest is on your list, you won't be disappointed! Enjoy the video.