Friday, January 06, 2012

It's all in the numbers....

US media source claiming 100,000 protesters

Another source from the UK claiming tens of thousands
Crowds? How many does that mean?
We have 30,000 people here from this Middle Eastern based source
I wasn't surprised to see all kinds of figures that were presented by various international media sources about the size of those protesting the Orban government on Jan. 2. I knew that there were going to be all kinds of estimates given. The 100,000 figure was just way overboard by on US media source that I found on their website. I then preceded to find other media websites that had differing figures.

Many in the left-wing dominated international media wanted to support the protesters by exaggerating the figures to make it look like a large majority of Hungarians were upset by the changes made by Orban's Fidesz government. More realistic figures of the size of the protesters are in the 10,000 to 30,000 range. This is because the street and area in front of the Opera House (Andrassy Street) is not big enough to hold 100,000 or anything close to that number. With the variety of figures of the size of the anti-Orban protesters, who really knows how many were actually there protesting. What we do know is that we have seen a lot of different figures floating around. It is obvious that some media sources are giving inaccurate facts on this event in order to further on side's cause.