Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Globalists and communists protest conservative government

Up to 8,000 Hungarians protested in front of the Opera House in downtown Budapest on January 2, 2012. The majority of the protesters were left-wing supporters who opposed the changes initiated by the conservative Fidesz government.

Several left-wing party supporters were in attendance at the rally such as the radical left-wing LMP (Politics can be Different) and MSZP (socialist party). Many photographs and videos taken of the protesters show them to be over fifty years of age with some younger left-wing radicals and anarchists (hardly a representation of the majority of Hungarian society).

Members of the Fidesz government were inside the Opera House to celebrate the passing of their recent laws before the Christmas holidays. A smaller group of nationalists and conservatives gathered in the area to form a counter protest. It should be noted that left-wing international media labelled the counter demonstrators as neo-nazis when not a single one was in sight. In addition, some of the international media put the number of protesters at 100,000 when in fact it was up to 8,000 officially. The protesters where lead by globalist sympathizers and unionists.