Thursday, March 27, 2014

Slip to autocracy? Not really!

Excerpt from European Public Affairs (


A litmus test for any democracy is free and fair elections. Since accession to power in 2010, Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party has worked hard to enact legal and often constitutional changes which have, in consequence, moved the country away from democratic principles. Hungary has become a country where all executive and control mechanisms have been assumed by representatives of Fidesz. What is more worrying, however, is that in light of the enacted changes it seems very likely that the country, irrespective of the majority opinion of Hungarians, will remain a system governed by one party and one party only. On 6th April, Hungary will hold parliamentary elections. With the new legal frame in place it is safe to conclude already that the contest will be, and is, everything but fair.


Editor's note: Here we have a European writer complaining like every other mainstream media source about the changes that we made by Viktor Orban's conservative government to the Hungarian political framework in the last few years. Hungary is still a democracy and Orban's government was voted in by a vast majority of the Hungarian people who participated in the last general election. This article, like so many others, creates fear and hysteria that Hungary is slipping into autocracy and is no longer democratic.

The one thing that the liberal left-wing media is good at is creating fear and hysteria. The writer of the article describes himself as "a European citizen and proud of it too." From this we can conclude that he is a supporter of the European Union and a globalist sympathizer. So it is no surprise that a person like this would write and article bashing Hungary's popular conservative government. The mainstream media bashing of Orban's government has been going on since they were elected in 2010.

The changes that Orban's government made were necessary. Apart from Hungarians proclaiming that they had become democratic in 1989, nothing really changed in the last 25 years since. The communist party that had been in power for decades, had become the socialist party. The constitution, the courts, government structure and operations had remained the same as it did during the communist era. 

Changes were necessary in order to move Hungary away from its sinister communist past. Orban's conservative government changed the constitution, the court system and the voting system. All of which still remained stuck in the communist past.  It had to be changed, and it was, with the support of the Hungarian people.

The left-wing in Hungary and the international mainstream media continue to whine about the lack of democracy, but democracy is alive and well in Hungary. The conservative government was voted in with a historic majority and continues to enjoy popular support and definitely has the mandate of the people. For most of her history, Hungary has been a conservative nation and its culture conservative too. 

Over 40 years of communism caused great damage to the nation. The conservative government will continue to return Hungary to her conservative roots where she rightfully belongs. The left-wing and the mainstream media can whine all they want, but it won't change the will of the Hungarian people.