Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Quote of the day

“Simon is a petty thief compared to Orbán.”

Former socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány on the disgraced former socialist MP Gábor Simon. He called the former socialist a crook for what he did but said that conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán used his political position to make his own family rich. Ferenc Gyurcsány is now the leader of the DK party which is in the leftist "Unity" alliance. He is one of the most unpopular figures in Hungarian politics in recent history. There were huge demonstrations against his government back in 2006 all over Hungary.

Recent polls show that support for the "Unity" alliance is very low. This probably explains why the leftists are increasing their attacks and rhetoric against the conservative Fidesz government leading up to the April general election. If the polls are correct, they show that the conservative government will have another "super majority" in the Hungarian Parliament again. Based on his government's past performance record, Gyurcsány's accusations hold no real meaning and the Hungarian people know this to be true.