Monday, March 31, 2014

Peace March a huge success!

The pro-government Peace March was a huge success as predicted. Support for Prime Minister Viktor Orban's conservative government is huge! Nearly half a million people attended the Fidesz party's campaign rally at Heroes' Square in Budapest on the weekend. Heroes' Square was completely full of people as seen on this video. The main street leading up to the square was also completely full of people for at least one kilometre away.

The Hungarian Interior Ministry estimated that at least 440,000-460,000 people participated in the march. The left-wing "Unity" alliance had a rally on the same day elsewhere in Budapest but it was puny in comparison to the Fidesz rally. Joseph Daul the President of the European People's Party was one of the distinguished guests at the rally who also gave a speech to Fidesz supporters. Things are looking great for the conservative government ahead of the general election in April. On the other hand, things are looking horrible for the left-wing "Unity" alliance.