Thursday, February 27, 2014

Deutsche Telekom to invest "billions"

Excerpt from Reuters (


Deutsche Telekom will invest at least a billion dollars in Hungary over the next few years on a nationwide high speed internet network, Chief Executive Timotheus Hottges said on Friday.

Hottges and Prime Minister Viktor Orban agreed on Friday to give every Hungarian household access to the broadband network by 2018, under a deal which also involves government and European Union support.


Editor's note: This agreement between Deutsche Telekom and the Hungarian government is great news. The deal brings a large investment to the country and a modernization of the broadband network in Hungary. According to the conservative government, every Hungarian household will have access to the broadband network by 2018 in the country. 

This will give Hungarian citizens easier access to news and information. By this deal, we can say that the conservative government is doing a remarkable job so far. We can't wait for what the next four years bring after the conservatives win the election in April.