Thursday, November 08, 2012

Nobel Peace Prize "unlawful"

The International Peace Bureau (IPB) has urged the Nobel Committee in an open letter to withhold the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to the European Union recently. The IPB says that the EU is not a "champion of peace" that was defined by the prize founder Alfred Nobel. The Noble Committee awarded the EU with the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize on October 12 of this year. The IPB added that the EU was not "seeking to realize a demilitarization of international relations". Many of the EU member states used military force and waged wars instead of insisting or finding alternative approaches in solving conflicts.

The International Peace Bureau has also added that the Nobel Committee has also redefined the prize because it no longer follows what Nobel had intended it to be awarded for. The prize now recognizes environmentalists and anti-poverty campaigners. The Nobel Committee has rejected the IPB's demand for the prize to be withdrawn. According to the committee, the prize will be handed out on December 10, 2012.

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