Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Horthy memorial in Budapest

The right-wing nationalist party Jobbik held a memorial for Horthy Miklós in front of the Gellért Hotel on the weekend. The Gellért Hotel in Budapest is a significant location as it was in front of the hotel that city officials greeted Horthy when he liberated the city in November 1919. In the beginning of this video, you can see some of the protesters who came to disrupt the memorial.

The small group of protesters consisting of admirers of the far left-wing stood at a distance. They held signs and pictures in protest of Horthy. There were several speeches given by the organizers of the memorial. They spoke about Horthy's life and the challenges that he faced. There is a memorial for Horthy in front of the hotel every year now. Such a thing would have been impossible under the communist regime a few decades ago.