Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jobbik wins local election

The right-wing nationalist party Jobbik won a symbolic by-election last weekend in the town of Tiszavasvari in Eastern Hungary. Erik Fülöp of Jobbik won by a large margin beating out the Fidesz supported candidate and the socialist party candidate. He won with 51 percent of the vote. Around 47 percent of eligible voters in the town showed up to cast their vote. Fülöp won the election back in 2010 by a huge margin. The by-election was called because Jobbik lost its majority after two of their councillors defected.

This victory is symbolic for the Jobbik party because it still shows that it has support of the majority of Hungarians in the eastern region of the country. Crime is still the number one concern for Hungarians there as a majority of local crime is perpetrated by the Roma community. Many smaller towns and villages in Eastern Hungary lack effective police coverage and protection to combat the crime wave. Most political parties and media sources in Hungary refuse to acknowledge the crime problem due to political correctness. This has resulted in the huge popularity for Jobbik amongst the people as they are the only ones who publicly acknowledge it.