Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baga-tur Stunt Crew

The Baga-tur Stunt Crew is a Bulgarian stunt group that does live shows in honour of the ancient Bulgarians. Both the ancient Bulgarians and Magyars (Hungarians) were closely related to the Huns. They both claimed that the famous figure Atilla the Hun was their ancestor. This technically means that Bulgarians and Hungarians are modern day cousins.

Click on the map to enlarge. Source: Talessman at the English Language Wikipedia, Creative Commons, Wikicommons

The theory that supports this notion is called the Onogur Connection. It indicates that the ancestral founding families of the Hungarians and the Bulgarians were once closely related. The Onogurs were a horde of equestrian nomads that entered Europe at around 463 AD. They came from the eastern flat lands where they lived a nomadic lifestyle.

There has been a heavy Slav influence in Bulgaria in the last 1,000 years since the ancient Bulgarians settled down. The ancient Bulgarians intermarried and adopted the western Christian lifestyle, much as the Magyars did. The Baga-tur Stunt Crew attends the Kurultaj Festival which is held in Hungary every year. They are a very popular attraction at this cultural festival. The festival celebrates the Hun-Turkic-Hungarian cultures and traditions. Their shows and stunts are quite spectacular and this YouTube video highlights this very well.