Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buy Hungarian produce!

Hungary once had a thriving agricultural sector that was the envy of Europe
If you ever do visit Hungary, make sure that you visit an authentic Hungarian farmers market! The sights and smells of fresh produce will make your mouth water. Hungary is an agricultural country that can produce more than enough food for its population and feed many more countries in Europe as well. Being a farmer in Hungary is not easy. Often drought and bad weather can destroy entire crops effecting the agricultural output in the country. Now, the European Union is becoming another unnecessary burden for the Hungarian farmer.

The EU have implemented all kinds of regulations and procedures that Hungarian farmers must follow in order to sell/market their products. The European Union tells Hungary that it must buy produce and products from other EU countries. They flood Hungary with foreign produce and goods every year. Many foreign-owned supermarkets sell products grown and made outside of Hungary. The EU actually dictates to each EU member state how much they can actually produce in any given year. This has angered many Hungarian farmers who can't even sell their products in their own country let alone another EU member state.

How does the EU expect Hungarian farmers to make a living? Many farmers in Hungary in recent years have actually given up on their lifestyle in frustration. Sadly, many of these Hungarian farmers worked in agriculture their entire lives. Generation after generation in many families worked on the fields to feed the country. If there are no Hungarian farmers left, all the produce sold in Hungary will be foreign-grown. The sale of these foreign-grown products will only benefit farmers in other EU member states.

Small farmers in Hungary are effected the worst by EU agricultural policies. Many small farmers in Hungary ignore the EU policies and regulations on farming practices and sell locally. They usually sell to people in their own villages or at the local farmers' market in a nearby town or city. It is only the medium and large-sized farmers that must make sure they comply with the EU regulations if they want to sell their products to large food chains. They are usually visited by inspectors to see whether they follow these regulations. If they don't, then they must spend a lot of money to make sure that their facilities or procedures follow the EU guidelines. The EU also doesn't want Hungary to put on "Made in Hungary" stickers on products because they fear that Hungarians will only buy Hungarian goods.

Hungary is now looking eastwards outside the EU rather than westwards to sell their agricultural goods. They have found new markets in Russia, China and Kazakhstan for their agricultural products. EU membership is actually working against Hungary both politically and economically. I think that if a majority of Hungarians knew what the EU was like years ago, they wouldn't have voted to join the organization. Only now are Hungarians becoming fully aware of its true intentions. Now you know the true face of the EU, they want to make your country into an economic slave and colony!