Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Bruce Willis in Budapest

If you haven't heard already, American Hollywood film star Bruce Willis, has been in Budapest filming Die Hard 5. If you are a fan of the Die Hard franchise, then you will be excited at this next installment. They have been filming in downtown Budapest the last few weeks. Many streets in downtown Budapest were shut down so that they could film various action scenes and car chases. The filming of the movie has also caught the attention of local Hungarians living in Budapest.

A Hungarian Forces assault helicopter is even used in the film and was rented out by the producers of the film. A few more helicopters were also brought in for the film from neighbouring countries. The film injects much needed capital into the local economy (Reportedly 155 million HUF). Bruce Willis has been very busy filming Die Hard 5 and has been coming and going from the different shoot locations in Budapest. Willis had a chance to meet with Budapest mayor István Tarlós.

Hungarian Forces Mi-24P helicopter was rented out for a scene above the Danube River in Budapest

The city of Budapest has been the site of many Hollywood movies filmed in the last two decades. Film producers find that Budapest is an excellent location to shoot their films. The city is conveniently located in the heart of Europe and is relatively inexpensive compared to Western European cities. In addition to movie films being shot, many TV shows, documentaries and even music videos have been shot within Budapest.

Many Hungarians can tell right away when a film or show was filmed in Budapest. Many buildings and landmarks are well-known to Hungarians but not as well-known to foreigners. The city and its inhabitants are also very friendly and the city makes an excellent host. We hope that Budapest continues to be the destination of choice for movie producers and directors. Can't wait to see Die Hard 5!

Here is a link to the various films, TV shows and music videos shot in Budapest: