Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hungarian left supports globalist agents

It's absolutely no surprise that the Hungarian left-wing supports globalist agents. Globalism is the "new communism". It is a left-wing movement or policy that promotes internationalism. Globalism places the interests of the world above those of individual nations. The majority of globalists are former communists and those on the left-wing. They seek to eliminate national borders, destroy native homogeneous cultures through mass immigration and ultimately create one world government. Sound familiar? You bet! 

The foundations of globalism are eerily familiar to communism. Communism was also an international movement. In this YouTube video from a few years ago, you can see the former Hungarian ambassador to the United States András Simonyi, supporting the possible ambassadorship of Whoopi Goldberg. He was appointed by the left-wing Hungarian government of Péter Medgyessy and served from 2002 to 2007.  Whoopi was once rumoured to become the US ambassador to Hungary. As mentioned in my previous post, Whoopi is a globalist agent that supports promoting the gay agenda in Hungary. Simonyi does a really good job of "kissing her rear end" in this video.