Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungarian anthem under attack in sports world

Proceedings have been launched against Hungarian MKB Veszprém Hungarian Handball Club by the European Handball Federation. This was in response for the local Hungarian fans singing the Hungarian national anthem before a game between MKB Veszprém and Spanish Ademar Leon in the European Handball Champions League. According to the European Handball Federation, singing of national anthems before club matches had been banned due to time constraints. The YouTube video above shows and earlier game from 2011 in which the Hungarian anthem is sung before a MKB Veszprém match.

The federation now wants to fine MKB Veszprém millions of Hungarian Forints for this action. This has many in Hungary up in arms as many feel that Hungarians should have the right to sing the national anthem anywhere in Hungary. They believe that this also applies to sports matches as well. Even the mayor of Veszprém got involved by sending a complaint letter to the federation about the anthem ban. This has become a politically hot topic in Hungary as many Hungarians have strong national feelings and patriotism. This whole issue has become ridiculous and possibly smacks of politically correctness. In North America, sports games usually have national anthems sung before the start of their commencement. In all reality, how long would it take to sing two anthems before a sports match?